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26 Years of Resistance: Free the MOVE 9

August 1, 2004


On the MOVE! August 2004, this makes 26 years that the MOVE 9 has been unjustly imprisoned. It’s not only unjust because we didn’t kill that cop, it’s unjust because of what MOVE stands for, what this government knows MOVE stands for.

The MOVE organization ain’t cop killers, that’s not the purpose of MOVE. The MOVE organization is about righteousness, LIFE! The purpose of MOVE, the example we’re setting is about family, health, love. Those of you on the streets around MOVE people know what we’re saying. You see the commitment and love within the MOVE family. Y’all see how our children are healthy and balanced, they ain’t running the streets, getting into drugs, alcohol, or any other trouble. They are very responsible and respectful. That’s because they are living under JOHN AFRICA’s teaching, MOVE’s founder. Everybody who knows MOVE people know we’re always helping people, pulling people out of critical situations, or just making a person feel better when they’re down. And it’s the same with us in these prisons. Everybody that’s around us, inmates and officers say how all they see in us in family unity, health, and happiness. People are always commenting on how we’re always smiling and pleasant, we’re always helping other inmates. We’ve stopped people from committing suicide, we’ve defused racial conflict and kept people out of trouble so they could go home to their family. The inmates and officers can’t understand how we can be this way with all that we’ve been through and being in prison for all these years. We always tell them, it’s because of JOHN AFRICA’s teaching, LONG LIVE JOHN AFRICA FOREVER!


JOHN AFRICA has taken us away from this problem causing system and given us the solution to the problems this system infected us with. JOHN AFRICA has the solution to drug abuse, alcohol abuse, child abuse, spouse abuse, theft, murder, rape, physical and mental illness. These aren’t just words, the proof is in MOVE. There are no committed

MOVE people suffering from these afflictions anymore. LONG LIVE JOHN AFRICA! That’s what makes the imprisoning of the MOVE 9 so unjust, criminal! This government knows all about MOVE, they have been watching MOVE in Philadelphia in the early 1970’s. They have rooms full of data on MOVE. They have witnessed the transformation in each and every MOVE person here. They saw JOHN AFRICA take us from sickness to health. They know the goodness in MOVE people. These officials know JOHN AFRICA has made MOVE the example for those who want a way out of the prison of drugs, alcohol, crime, sickness. JOHN AFRICA made MOVE the example for those who want to be free of child abuse, spouse abuse, self abuse.

This government claims it wants to put an end of these problems but they are lying because they have the tools to fight this disease at their disposal in MOVE, JOHN AFRICA and what do they do? They beat us, jail us, shoot us, bomb us, to try to shut us up, wipe out the example of JOHN AFRICA. This government has tried, is trying all it can to keep MOVE, JOHN AFRICA’s teaching away from people, knowing the help we can be to the communities, the families and troubled children. JOHN AFRICA gives us the truth, we give the truth to anybody who wants it and the government gives us beatings, prisons, bullets and bombs for speaking the truth. Just like the apartheid government of South Africa did nelson Mandela and the A.N.C. for fighting against apartheid. The South African government kept Nelson Mandela in prison for 27 years. But as racist and corrupt as the South African government was, even they finally released Nelson Mandela. So what does that show you about this government who criticized the apartheid government of South Africa for what they did to the black Africans, Nelson Mandela? It shows that this government is just as corrupt as the apartheid government of South Africa. The South African government imprisoned Nelson Mandela for 27 years because of his fight against racial genocide. This government has had the MOVE 9 in prison so far for 26 years for speaking the truth about this corrupt government. Everybody could see that the South African government was wrong, but when are people going to see how wrong this government is?

They sent over 500 cops and firemen to kill 12 adults, babies and animals August 8, 1978, killed their own cop in their frenzy to kill MOVE, then they falsely arrested and convicted 9 people for the killing of one cop who was shot with one gun, but on May 13, 1985 the city of Philadelphia bombed and murdered 11 of our family members and 5 children, in front of the whole world because they were demanding an honest investigation into the MOVE 9 case. Officials admitted that Philadelphia officials and cops were wrong and responsible for the murder of our family but not one official, cop, or fireman was ever arrested or spent one day in prison. Even people who don’t like MOVE has to see how wrong that is! This government has shown how corrupt it is, shown that you can’t trust them but MOVE has shown people a trusting example.

We have not changed, our commitment to LIFE, righteousness is still strong, our family unity is still strong and we’re getting stronger in our Belief which means we are an even stronger example for you, your children. It’s criminal to keep an example like this locked away in prison, our family on the streets locked into fighting for our release. When all this energy and commitment could be used for helping people who need it. Society is in trouble, this system has twisted children into murderers, rapists, thieves, drug addicts, and alcoholics. People are lost and searching for direction, JOHN AFRICA has made the MOVE organization that light in these dark times. This is the purpose of MOVE, this is our work. The example of MOVE is real, its lasting. Despite all that the government has come at MOVE people with we are still strongly committed to our Belief and determined to be right. The MOVE organization has not changed in 35 years and the MOVE 9 hasn’t changed in the 26 years we’ve been in prison. The MOVE organization ain’t gone change! This system will never break our commitment to y’all, to LIFE, to righteousness because what we’re doing is right and wrong can never defeat what’s right. THE POWER OF TRUTH IS FINAL!

Remember, the fight the MOVE organization is waging in the courts and prisons is for your sons and daughters too, the drugs, the beatings, the mental cruelty prisoners have to endure exist, and unless you are rich you and your children are not immune to these conditions. The MOVE organization is committed to putting an end to these conditions, not only in the prisons, but outside the prisons as well…

On the MOVE! Janine, Janet, and Deb Africa The MOVE 9

Debbie Simms Africa #006307
Janet Holloway Africa #006308
Janine Philips Africa $006309

all at

SCI Cambridge Springs
451 Fullerton Ave
Cambridge Springs, PA
16403-1238, USA

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