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Introduction to Issue 1

February 11, 2004

Cover image by Tom Manning

This is the first issue of 4strugglemag. It’s a little past our hoped-for release date and it doesn’t have all of the articles we planned on. We will get better and larger.

This issue focuses on the war and occupation of Iraq, especially discussion of the real reasons why the u.s. government launched this war. We welcome further discussion and analysis. Understanding and analysis are crucial, but then taking action in support of your thoughts and beliefs is key. 4strugglemag supports and encourages participation in all anti-war resistance. We urge all our outside readers to participate in the March 20th worldwide anti-war rallies. As political prisoners, we ask you to carry our militant spirits and chanting voices to the demonstrations with you.

The next issue will be out in late Spring. One focus will continue to be the war and occupation. We’d also like to have some reports from the various March 20th actions.

See you next time.

Dynamic Peace and Justice
Jaan Laaman, editor

Jaan Laaman (W41514)
P.O. Box 100
South Walpole MA
02071 USA

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    February 25, 2010 5:55 pm

    Holy crap! This new website is freaking awesome!

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