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Working-Class Women Uniting Against Imperialism

March 2, 2010
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Reprinted from Basics News:

Toronto – War and occupation. The right to status. Systemic repression. Exploitation. Imperialism. What do these words mean to you? To us, of the Migrant Women’s Coordinating Body, it has been important to educate one another about these issues, and many others, and how they affect migrant women, in particular, and working class women, generally.

For three years, the Migrant Women’s Coordinating Body has been organizing together as a group of organizations and individuals to march on International Women’s Day as a contingent to highlight that the root of women’s exploitation and oppression lies in capitalist imperialism. IWD is celebrated by women around the world on March 8, but the main rally in Toronto this year will be held on Saturday, March 6.

This year we are marching under the theme “Working-class women unite against imperialism.” As a lead-up to this year’s IWD rally and march on March 6, we have held a series of educationals to highlight the effects of imperialism on women both here in Canada and abroad.  Even beyond IWD, we will continue to hold educationals to learn about women’s struggles throughout history and their contemporary struggles as well. Community mobilization and education is a priority for us as a means to greater unity. Our first educational in the series, “Migrant Women’s Struggles: Here and Abroad,” highlighted international and national liberation struggles of different communities and the role of women in these struggles. We also learned about the impact of imperialism on women throughout the world and its link to the situation for many migrant women that are employed in Canada and other imperialist countries.

The second part of our education series highlighted women’s struggles in Toronto and Canada. Speakers spoke about their experiences of organizing women in Toronto and how imperialism and war have shaped their work. The two forums brought many people together in the commitment to march under the banner of ‘working-class women unite against imperialism on International Women’s Day!’ Leading up to the IWD rally and march here in Toronto, our organization will be holding a cultural celebration on the evening of Friday, March 5, 2010 at the Steelworkers’ Hall, where we will celebrate women’s struggles and successes in the face of imperialism by showcasing the many talents of our communities. And on March 6 we will mobilize the anti-imperialist contingent at 12:30pm in front of the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education as we march together in solidarity with one another. Join us on March 6 in uniting against imperialism as the working women of the world!

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