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I Stand Accused

May 10, 2008


I stand accused in a land of fools, convicted of a crime never accrued. You see, they claim that I’m a threat to the future of our innercity Black youth because I refuse to let them blind our Black children with all these psycho-social lies and holocaustic half-truths which are specifically designed to perpetuate the progression of genocidal crimes against our own kind by planting seeds of “self-hate” inside the music which our children listen to and embrace, oblivious of the messages machinations to completely eradicate the existence of the entire Black race.

And see…

While these children of ours are busy nodding their heads to the beat, all they’re really doing is nodding off to sleep. But they don’t realize this, cause they’re too caught up in the vibe to recognize the obvious. And you can look into their eyes and see that they’re not even there. I mean, it’s like their minds are ensnared by the illicit practices of psychological warfare, which has caused a lot of these brothas and sistas to become lost in the chaos, gambling away their lives with the shillings of ghetto life, killing each other just to make a living in a land of shambles – ridden with strife. Which ain’t nothing but a cemetery surrounded with the flickering flames of sacrificial candles, despite the undying struggle of sistas and brothas like myself who beat our fist against the brick walls of prison cells – in our rebellions fight for our freedom and our rights. With solidarity as the foundation of our final call…

I stand accused…

As one of the few young Black men who understands what this government is trying to do by capturing the minds of innocent individuals like me and you, and using us to fight “their” wars in order to keep us oblivious to what’s really in store for those of us they label as misfits of poverty, the minority and the poor.

And see…

They feed us scraps and mislead us into traps, and whenever we’re in need they flip the script on us and give us their backs. And yet, we continue to pay their paychecks and hustle up their money stacks, while using us to support their statistical facts of recidivism – knowing good and well who the hell is coming back to jail.

It’s like villainism,

The way we’re thrown into these cells and held as hostages – against our will. Imprisoning us in a place where they were meant to dwell: And then they wanna refer to us as “animals” for the acts we allegedly commit, when they’re nothing more than “cannibals.” It’s just that: “We refuse to submit” – regardless of the fact that this is some “real inhumane shit!” Attempting to dehumanize us by changing our names to “digits.”

I stand accused…

Because I refuse to be a fool – having paid my dues. I mean, what do I look like starving myself just to stuff their mouths with food? Especially when the government has us so confused that we’ve begun to fool ourselves into believing the dreams that these politicians sell – like crack cocaine on the streets of memory lane. This shit is insane!! I mean – so-called “Negroes” swear they know the game. But if they knew anything about their history and present circumstances, they’d understand the hidden incentives involved – they’re being systematically tamed by their own egos – while watching the wheel of life revolve like the cylinder of a pistol in the midst of a draw: the government done basically gone AWOL…

And see…

A lot of us embrace ignorance, like a rebel without a cause, working against our own selves by helping to make their laws. And I can’t say that I don’t understand this because I do. I mean, it ain’t hard to understand the idiosyncrasies of a fool when analyzing his or her language or studying his or her pattern of behavior – cause their symmetry of stupidity is too deeply imbued…

I stand accused,

Sort of like a nation under siege. In the middle of a battlefield, branded as an enemy, – essentially, because of my insight, I’ve become the cause of all “their” enmity.

You see, I’m not meant to be intelligent, because people of my complexion are regarded as irrelevant. And when it comes to counting votes, our votes are nothing more than “anecdotes” – a politician’s private joke I mean.

Who are we to them when it comes to making decisions – except products of a white collared economy, where our individual identities are as descriptive as anonymity?

While I stand accused… you think about it…

My patience strong!
DeAndre Williams
Upstate Correctional Facility
P.O. Box 2000, 309 Barehill Road
Malone, NY 12953 USA

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