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February 10, 2008


The Welfare Poets. From the Rhymes for Treason album


Most rappers deal with the subliminal
Wanna be criminals
For them being unoriginal is habitual
But our lyrics are clinical
Can be a vehicle to cleanse the spiritual
Apprehend the one-dimensional

Too many rappers
pick up the mic with no insight — donít know where to begin to write
think their rhymes are in-flight
and been tight
but theyíre so loose
cus all they produce is a dim light
one dimensional
unexceptional – unplentiful
and susceptible
to do more damage
than the state correctional
and itís perpetual
radios play like itís a festival of vegetables
hosted by the devil
celebrating being shot 41 times in your vestibule
can you imagine the bullets
as they enter you?
yet your rhymes are still so questionable
are you just a fool?
cus the young are so impressionable
so what I say is not fashionable
just rational
flow is so logical
my articles will blow your whole style
into particles
and weíll celebrate your fate
having barbeques
where we harbor views
where robbers are slewed
and weíll have you there
so hopefully youíll change
your strategy
for itís a tragedy
they way you grab the mic
and rip it so averagely
savagely damage
the spirits that hang on to their sanity
and youíre working with gravity
forcing down humanity
and youíre mad at me
cus we plan to free
your fans from your fantasy


Youíre spitting blasphemy
at Godís children haphazardly
spreading an allergy
where everyone is panicking
living frantically practically
trying to purchase an identity
from worthless serpents
demonic servants
who search the earth surface
with the purpose of converting
every person to satanic worship
have a gigantic curtain
over the planetís hurtiní
as condition worsen
traditions are cursened
so our mission is serving
original Hip Hop
with no criminal intention
no subliminal message
weíre obvious with what we mention
liberationís our essence
no second guessing
just dispensing rhymes with
so much reflection and direction
weíre making too many connections
to say our culture is not a weapon
Hip Hop that is truly addressing
the needs of the people
and what weíre stressing


Cus of oppression
we spit with so much aggression
have intensive sessions
where weíre pensive and cover extensive lessons
come to the conclusion
that even with all their expensive weapons
the only solution
to improve our situation
is revolution
so fuck inclusion
if we all try and all die
itíll be an improvement
can you hear the cries
from the blood in my eyes?
weíre not stuck on illusions
our death is an institution
backed by their constitution
so what weíre doing
the style weíre pursing
making sensitive liberals
even more apprehensive
as conservative find it
even more offensive
but their intentions to censor this
is senseless
slip right under their detections
with a stealth projection
this is a form of health protection
for the uninsured
from conception to death
to long after their resurrection
shit — we know their transgressions
understand their deceptions
thatís why we continue these transmissions
to transform our conditions
and storm with no forgiveness
on the dawn of our resistance
the mourn of their destruction
we scorn at their corruption
telling the world
how they were formed
from hellís combustion
forcing you to rebel is our function
donít get sucked into suction
where your freedom
is auctioned to elections
your thoughts of progression
fall short to magicians
donít believe their superstitions
weíve had enough of crucifixions
better believe weíre
coming with an unseen commitment
so we aint submitting
better believe weíre
coming with an unseen commitment
so we aint submitting
we aint submitting


Also check out the compilation Cruel and Unusual Punishment, inspired by Texas death row inmate and activist Hasan Shakur (Derrick Frazier). This warrior struggled not only to save his own life, but the lives of any and everyone on death row in the united states. He was unjustly executed by the barbaric state of Texas on August 31st 2006.

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