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Lynne Stewart, People’s Lawyer

May 11, 2005


In February long time Human Rights attorney Lynne Stewart (and two co-defendants, paralegal Ahmed Sattar and translator Mohamed Yousry), was convicted under the Patriot Act. This was a serious assault against basic legal rights in America. Lynne is a life long defender of peace, justice and revolutionary activists who oppose and resist the policies and acts of U.S. imperialism. Lynne’s conviction is part of the emerging police state that has mushroomed since 9/11/01.

Lynne Stewart is not simply a courageous and determined People’s lawyer, she is a compassionate sister, a grandmother and a friend to many. She is my dear sister and friend. She was one of our (Ohio 7) principal attorneys in all our combined federal cases and in my comrade Richard Williams’ state cases. Till the day of her conviction she remained Richard’s lawyer.

As a defender of those who resist and criticize the government, Lynne’s case is important for all people concerned about justice, freedom and government abuse. But we should also remember that Lynne is not just a symbol of a principled attorney under attack. Lynne is a very real 65 year old woman, who is facing 45 years in prison. There is a huge human dimension here, as well as the cutting edge political case. I urge people to remember this and to take some active steps of support before her sentencing in September. I hope readers will go to Lynne’s web site (, and see what they could do to support her. This sister and selfless attorney who has been there for so many men and women in their hour of need, as the force of the government crashed down on them, now needs us to step forwarding her hour of need.

Jaan Laaman, Ohio 7 political prisoner

Jaan Laaman (W41514)
P.O. Box 100
South Walpole MA 02071

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