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Daniel McGowan

Daniel McGowan is an environmental and social justice activist from NYC. He was charged in federal court on many counts of arson, property destruction and conspiracy, all relating to two incidents in Oregon in 2001.

Daniel had initially been offered two choices by the government: cooperate by informing on other people, or go to trial and face life in prison. His only real option was to plead not guilty until he could reach a resolution of the case that permitted him to honor his principles. As a result of months of litigation and negotiation, Daniel was able to admit to his role in these two incidents, while not implicating or identifying any other people who might have been involved. He was sentenced to 7 years in prison on June 4, 2007 and began serving his time on July 2, 2007 at MDC Brooklyn.

Up until May 14, 2008, he was serving his sentence at FCI Sandstone in Minnesota. He is currently serving his time in a Communications Management Unit in Marion, Illinois.

Daniel McGowan
P.O. Box 1000
Marion, IL 62959
USP Marion

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