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Introduction to Issue 25

October 16, 2015

Hello interested readers, activists, fellow revolutionaries, friends and comrades, to issue 25.  Yes, it has been over a year since our last issue, 4sm 24, came out in Spring of 2014.  We have had several obstacles and problems to deal with.  Our printers, good movement activists and great professional printers, have had their own struggles with the state, but are now back in operation.  Most hard copy subscribers are receiving both issues 24 and 25 in this mailing.


You will see from our revised “Welcome to 4strugglemag” on the inside cover, that we have had to change our printing schedule.  4sm is now producing 2 hardcopy issues a year.  One in July/August and the second issue in December.  We will now be publishing on this new schedule.  Your material/monetary support is always needed.


This issue has many important and informative selections.  You’ll certainly want to check out Jalil’s “Future Focus” analysis and call for action.  We also have a great interview with Lynne Stewart and her husband Ralph.  There are lots of updates and information about political prisoners.  With the continuing police killings of so many men, women and even children of color, you should check out “Thoughts on Killer Cops – MOVE/May 13”.  This issue is full of useful information.  As always, we welcome your feedback and original writings, letters and poems.  We’ll see you in issue 26, out in December.  And for all you online readers, online now posts new material and information early each month.


Freedom Is A Constant Struggle!    

Jaan Laaman, editor


Jaan Laaman


USP Tucson

P.O. Box 24550

Tucson, AZ 85734

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