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Columns: Jericho, Summer 2016 updates

October 16, 2015

Greetings comrades and friends,

Thank you for asking me to share a few words on sustaining support for long-term political prisoners.

I am sorry I can’t be there as I enjoy meeting new comrades. But I was just in LA last weekend to visit my son‘s family and to see Mutulu Shakur, who would ask me to send you his greetings and solidarity. This is my way of double dipping family & comrades to stay in touch with our PP’s short or long term.

I have been part of the Jericho Movement since its inception and many of our PP’s were my comrades on the streets before they acted in the Black Liberation Movement, The Anti-imperialist Left and Puerto Rican Liberation Struggle. And many other PP’s I have met since their incarceration.

So for me there is no question, that I will work for their freedom and or the least oppressive circumstances for those like Tom Manning, Maumin Khabir and Kojo Bomani who are doing life without parole, until I am dead and I would hope you would do the same for any and all of yours and mine= All political prisoners.

That means that we organize local, national and International educational and political support networks. You, comrades and friends, have Letter writing nights, not just for birthdays and holidays but also to develop long term relationships with PP’s that last so that you know when she, he or them is in distress physically, emotional or spiritually and can reach out and help them survive.

ABC & Jericho have put together a medical team and I would hope that some of you would be willing to join us as many PP’s have medical problems: high blood pressure, diabetes, COPD, and issues regarding transgendering inside.

So pick a political prisoner, write a letter, send some coins and enjoy some wonderful political letters and visits, that will enrich your life and their’s.

Thank you so much, anyone need a place to crash in DC ask Jenny or Petey to put you in touch with me.

Comradely Respect Paulette DC Jericho & National Jericho Advisory Board


Dear Sisters and Brothers,




The National Jericho Movement sends its support, love, respect, and encouragements for the 20th Annual Bay Area Book Fair and for all the work that you have been doing over the years, and for the years to come.


Having joined the Black Panther Party at the age of 16 in 1970, and having served 23 years as a political prisoner for Black Liberation Army cases, it is my life commitment to struggle for the freedom of all comrades who have travelled a similar path in confronting the oppressor and striving to fight for and build a new and just society. After decades of institutional, media and counter intelligence styled efforts to de-politicize the people and make our history of liberation struggles irrelevant, the struggle to awaken the people

and maintain an active struggle to free all political prisoners is sine qua non (essential) to any and all enduring successes.


My humble and sincere advice to those actively involved in the noble endeavor to free all political prisoners is to master your position; be able to articulate our history, contemporary conditions, and future ideas and strategies. Being able to articulate our freedom campaigns, and connect the dots between the history of liberation struggles and contemporary actions is vitally important to educate and organize young and future

leaders and revolutionaries. Representing the warriors of the past fortifies us to represent the warriors of the present.


Free all Political Prisoners!
Jihad Abdulmumit

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