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Hugo (Yogi Bear) Pinell – denied Parole on May 2nd

June 11, 2014

In 1964 Yogi Bear was sentenced to 3 years to life, and quickly became politicized upon his entry into the California Department of Corrections. Being fluent in both English and Spanish he was able to help bring together and organize prisoners in the various prisons he was at in the CDC.

After a prison rebellion occurred in Yogi Bear’s unit at San Quentin in 1971, he and 5 others were put on trial for their part in the uprising. They have since been known as The San Quentin 6. He was convicted of assault on an officer and still remains in prison in California today.

Yogi Bear has not received a single write up since 1981, and has been in solitary confinement since 1990. He is out of the torturous conditions of the S.H.U unit in California State Prison – Pelican Bay, but has been moved to the S.H.U in a different prison in Represa, CA.

Yogi Bear has persevered despite the conditions he’s been forced into over the years. He is a very warm human being and a strong one at that, who stands for social justice and human rights. On May 2nd, Yogi Bear was denied parole. He is not due for a parole hearing for another five years. This will not defeat him. He is still shadow boxing during his rec time in his assigned cage outside, and he is still writing powerful letters that have a real gentleness to them. Check out his support site to stay up to date, it is: , and write a letter to show him and the CDC just how much support he has from all over. Here is his address:

Hugo Pinell #A-88401

B-FAC. FB3-125

CSP – Sacramento

PO Box 290066

Represa, CA 95671-0066

Yours in solidarity,

Sacramento Prisoner Support

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  1. January 27, 2015 5:11 pm

    NO WRITE UPS SINCE 1981 and in SHU since 1990, how did that happen? How did he get to SHU 9 years after the last write up? didn’t he earn his way to SHU just like every other SHU inhabitant?

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