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The Art of Resistance

May 26, 2014



A fundraising event to honor political prisoners Tom Manning and Jaan Laaman was held at Community Church in Boston on February 23. Sixty people attended the gathering along with ten children ages one to six, who added their own high spirits.


Performances included conscious hip hoppers the Foundation Movement, the Puerto Rican-flavored songs of Myriam Ortiz, the sharp-edged resistance tunes of Evan Greer and a reunion performance of Presente doing “There Are Other Names,” highlighting many other political prisoners.


Excarcerated political prisoners Kazi Toure and Ray Luc Levasseur spoke about the historical and present context from which political prisoners arise and affirm their lives and vision.

Paintings and reproductions of Tom’s art were displayed and copies of 4SM were sold. Boston Jericho organized the event and reached its goal of raising $1,000.

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