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Letters: Sean Swain, Richard Romero Jr., Piru Umoja

May 26, 2014

Dear Friends –


I’m enclosing a couple of things. First, a photo of me in my cell reading 4Struggle. Feel free to use it however you like. Second, I’m submitting an article for publication. It’s a critique of Socialism from an Anarchist perspective. I could submit this to an Anarchist publication and everyone reading it would agree with me, or I could send it to you with a decidedly larger Socialist-oriented readership, and possibly begin an interesting dialogue.


In other stuff, I recently did an interview with part of a podcast posted at New work at includes “Colonizer’s Corpse” about staying sane in solitary (through resistance), and a response to Gender Anarky’s criticism of the California Hunger Strike.


Stay dangerous.




Sean Swain



Richard Romero Jr.
SCI Greene
175 Progress Dr.
Waynesburg, PA 15370


To: The Comrades of 4Struggle Mag,


First, I send you my salute and 360° respect for your work in connecting and propagating revolutionary-minded individuals and their words. I have just received issue 22 for spring 2013. In the first article titled “Introduction to Issue 22,” brother Jaan Karl Laaman stated that it is being worked on to have an elder of the Puerto Rican Independence Movement contribute an article more frequently. Well, this gave me a smile from ear-to-ear as most of the time the liberation struggle of Puerto Ricans is either overlooked or omitted in many self-proclaimed revolutionary sources. So I thank you very much for this. I personally am not an elder (only 27 years old), but I am a dedicated Puerto Rican patriot and communist. So I felt compelled to contribute something. I appended a poem that I had written in 2011 and that has only collected dust. If you are not hindered by space constraints, I would appreciate the inclusion of the poem in your next issue. Hopefully it will touch the heart of some of my brothers and sisters being held captive in other gulags and compel them to stand up. Your work and time is greatly appreciated.






P.S. I will be forwarding essays in the immediate future.



To my beloved brother Jaan,


Peace and blessings to you, my brother, and all those within your realm whose aim is to eradicate all forms of oppression. Despite the circumstances, I’m remaining strong in the face of adversity.


My brother, I want to applaud you for giving us prisoners a way to voice our concerns and issues to the public abroad and to further reach the youth. What you’re doing is very tremendous. I’ve been meaning to write you for quite a while now. Unfortunately, I’ve been pre-occupied with so much legal work that my communication with everyone has been temporarily placed on hold; at least until I completed my motion, which required my undivided attention. Now that I have some spare time, I’m responding to all my mail. Since I’m writing to the magazine, I figured I’ll write you as well, my brother, to applaud you on what you’re doing.


My brother, at the moment I’m financially indigent. I look to prevail on a pending lawsuit in which my dreads was yanked out my head and then I was thrown down 2 flights of stairs while in handcuffs towards my back. I will be sure to donate financially provided I prevail, my brother.


Until then and afterwards, I can donate my services in the form of writing articles that can be printed within the 4strugglemag. The title of the article I am sending the 4strugglemag is “Your Struggle is My Struggle.”


I look forward to communicating with you, my brother. You stay safe, strong, focused and healthy. Tough times don’t last, tough people do.


Salutes…Piru Love



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