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Let’s Get Free: Nationwide Call for a Huge Nov. 2, 2014 Rally!

May 26, 2014

4strugglemag and everyone connected with it, supports and joins with the Jericho Movement’s call for a major nationwide gathering, march and rally, at the United Nations in New York City, this year, on Sunday, November 2, 2014.

This march and rally will call for rescinding the 2 million dollar bounty on the life-long Black leader, Assata Shakur and the release of ALL political prisoners held in the United States.

The government of the United States, has and continues to hold political prisoners, in state and federal prisons, longer than any other country in the world imprisons political activists.  Incredible human beings, leaders and freedom fighters like Sundiata Acoli, Sekou Odinga, Herman Bell and Leonard Peltier have been in prison for 40 years and longer.  Many others like Janine Africa, Tom Manning, Dave Gilbert and Oscar Lopez have been in prison for 30 years and more.  The list goes on and on.  Many younger activists from the environmental, anti-war and anti-racist struggles have been imprisoned in just the past few years.  Despite often being held in the harshest conditions, isolation cells, control units, sensory deprivation cells, in the most locked down abusive prisons, U.S. political prisoners overwhelmingly continue to uphold and maintain their principles of justice, freedom, equality, peace and protection of our planet.

Over the years, many organizations and individuals have spoken in support of and concern about U.S. political prisoners. This November 2, is the time for all people and organizations involved in social and economic justice, in anti-war work and environmental protection, and of course prison abolition and political prisoners support work, to step forward and come to NYC, to the UN and demand justice and freedom for U.S. political prisoners and for Assata Shakur.

We do have some months to organize and prepare for a really large and powerful march and rally.  Your support, advice and solidarity is needed.  You can be part of a very positive and necessary effort, and all U.S. political prisoners are asking for your support now.

Freedom Is A Constant Struggle!  — Jaan Laaman, editor


Hopefully this communication finds you all in good health and revolutionary spirit. Let me first apologize for the delay in getting this out to you. I hesitate to make this call for many reasons; my lack of a strong oratory voice and the public persona to put forth the call and generate the necessary response. Someone once told me that the issue doesn’t matter, only who put out the call. I remain hopeful that is not true.


Former political prisoners and prisoners of war have always guided the Jericho Movement. We reject the messianic worship of such leaders as Louis Farrakhan, and organizations such as those who call for mass anti-war demonstrations, yet have questionable funding sources and no grassroots presence.


To all of our comrades in struggle, in the words of Bob Marley, “Rise up fallen fighter, Rise up and take your stand again.” On November 2, 2014, the Jericho Movement is calling for a March/Demonstration to the U.N. to demand rescinding the $2 million bounty on Assata Shakur, the respect of Cuba’s sovereignty, and the freedom of Sundiata Acoli, Oscar López Rivera, Debbie Simms Africa, Leonard Peltier, Jaan Laaman, Herman Bell, Afia Sadaki ,  Antonio Negrón, Jalil Muntaqim, Tarek Mehanna, Russell Maroon Shoatz, Janine Africa, Veronza Bowers, Robert Seth Hayes, Jamil Al-Amin, and all Political Prisoners and Prisoners of War. Our efforts may not bring about the desired result, to “Free ’em All,” but we must keep up the pressure. This call goes out to the movements whose struggles have produced Political Prisoners and Prisoners of War, and to those organizations doing anti-prison (PIC) work. Jericho has consistently supported all PPs and POWs, so we send out this call with the hope that you will include it in your work this year.


We hope that all of those who support the release of PPs and POWs, and those who oppose the prison-industrial complex, will join us on this march to the U.N. on November 2. Jericho presently has chapters in ten cities across the country. We will have events in all of those cities during the year, in addition to the coalition work we engage in with other organizations. We will reach out to comrades and activists from various movements throughout the country who we have worked with in some capacity, as everyone will have to step it up to make our collective voices be heard.


Having recently mourned the passing of Nelson Mandela, we must remind our communities of the scores of “Mandelas” who remain locked away in the dungeons of America’s gulags as PPs and POWs. It will be the height of hypocrisy to support the spirit and struggle of Mandela and the ANC in South Africa, yet abandon the veterans of our liberation struggles here in the U.S. We will start up conference calls in April.


Dare to Struggle, Dare to Win!




[1]Aafia Siddiqui?

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