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Introduction to Issue 24

May 26, 2014

Hello interested readers, activists, friends and fellow revolutionaries, welcome to Issue 24 of 4SM.


Yes, we are about a month late with this Spring Issue.  One reason is because our printer, good movement comrades and great professional printers, moved and had to set up their new shop.  We still intend to do a Summer Issue in late August and another one in November.


This issue is full of information and analysis that you will find useful.  With the ongoing struggle in the Ukraine and the ever more war-like threats coming from Washington and other imperialist country capitals, we are running three articles with thoughts and analysis about events in the Ukraine.


Former political prisoner and a Jericho leader, Kazi Toure, has a very important announcement about a march and rally that will take place in New York City this November; check it out.


We have a list of updates, including the Great news about the release of former Black Panther Eddie Conway, from decades of wrongful imprisonment.  Also, definitely check out Ward Churchill’s column.


This issue has some interesting and thoughtful poetry from several people.  So enjoy number 24 and pass it along — let your friends and fellow activists know about 4strugglemag.  Send us your thoughts and feedback on anything in this or previous 4SM’s.  We’ll see you in issue 25, out in late summer.

Freedom Is A Constant Struggle!

Jaan Laaman, editor


CORRECTION: A beautiful painting by political prisoner Thomas Manning on the cover of Issue 23 was mistakenly attributed to another artist. We apologize to Tom for this error, and thank him for lending his talents to 4strugglemag numerous times over the years.

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