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The 24-Hour Elsipogtog Raid Timeline

December 10, 2013


So much confusipipelinexlon over the events at Elsipogtog on October 17th results from a complete lack of media access on site and the arrest of one of the two independent media sources on site. The timeline below is pieced together from my position outside of the Highway side police line from 1pm onward–combined with coverage from Media Co-op’s Miles Howe, SubMedia.Tv’s Frank Lopez and APTN’s Ossie Michelin. Many times are approx–any more definitive times or information, or conflicting information–please contact at to correct.

Above all else I want to reiterate and make clear that by the time the first RCMP car was set ablaze those on site had endured 7 hours of hundreds of RCMP, pepper spray, tear gas, attack dogs, sock rounds, rubber bullets, semi-automatic weapons (off safety) pointed indiscriminately, racist comments from some RCMP officers, mass arrests and the arrest of Elsipogtog Chief Aaron Sock.

October 16th

Evening – Mi’kmaq van blocking the SWN compound is removed. Mi’kmaq encampment given tobacco offering from RCMP NB Negotiator as token of peace. SWN Private Security leave site.

October 17th

Approx 6:00am – RCMP close off Highway 134 on both sides. Dawn Raid Begins – Hundreds of RCMP including K-9 units, less lethal force, semi automatic weapons descend on camp. RCMP NB Negotiator claims that online social media post from the night before that situation was “no longer peaceful” was pretext for raid. Arrests begin including Media Co-op Journalist Miles Howe. Response from camp includes Molotov cocktails thrown from the woods around the camp.

9:55 AM – Elsipogtog community members and allies break police line in Rexton side. Enter area drumming and singing. Met with pepper spray, dogs, sock rounds and claims of rubber bullets. Mass arrests continue.

11:27am – APTN reporter Ossie Michelin hears a camo RCMP say, “Crown land belongs to the government not the fucking natives.”

12:40pm – Elsipogtog Chief Aaron Sock arrested.

1:00pm – Two Row Times reporter arrives on Site. RCMP refuse entry claim “public safety” concern. Ask made for RCMP spokesperson denied.

1:07pm – APTN Report Ossie Michelin posts viral photo of protest–woman bended on knees holding feather at police line.

1:15pm – Independent Media SubMedia.Tv reports first RCMP cop car set ablaze.

1:31pm – SWN Trucks begin to leave site Irving Compound and head out on highway.

1:49pm – 6 RCMP cars now ablaze.

2:28pm – RCMP unload Riot Gear from Quebec Bus out front Highway side Police line.

3:00pm – RCMP NB news release – 40 arrested, claims one shot fired “not from RCMP.”

3:25pm – RCMP line up with Riot Gear.

3:45pm – Road Blockade of HWY 6 taken up by Six Nations of the Grand River supporters showing solidarity with Elsipogtog. One of the first Elsipogtog solidarity actions.

4:00pm – Elsipogtog Chief Aaron Sock release negotiated, he returns to site.

4:08pm – Mi’kmaq Warrior arrested in the woods. Possibly last arrest of the day.

6:40pm – RCMP begin withdrawal from site.

7:00pm – RCMP withdrawal from site complete.


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