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Out on Bond! Thanks Much for the Support!

December 10, 2013

Jason Hammond, 28, a resident of Chicago, was arrested on July 11, 2013 for allegedly being involved in the interruption of a meeting of white supremacists in Tinley Park, over a year ago. Jason Hammond is a talented musician and a respected popular educator. If convicted, he faces up to seven years in prison.

Jason and his twin Jeremy had a stimulating and creative childhood in the west suburb of Villa Park. Jason found music to be his life passion and Jeremy became well-known for his aptitude in computer programs. Since the age of 15, Jason worked consistently at a music store and school in his hometown of Villa Park. There, he taught a plethora of string instruments to an average of 30 students per week. In addition to teaching music, Jason has been performing in bands since he was 16 and has been deeply involved in local band circuits of diverse musical genres. Jason has recorded many CDs and toured the country performing.

Jason was quick to value equality and he always stood up for people’s rights. After Jason began college in 2003, he committed his life to social justice activism. This manifested itself in his day-to-day experiences, as he became involved in the anti-war movement, attending marches and community organizing. He used his creative talents to help educate and inspire people through popular music lessons. He also volunteered at a food distribution program for low-income families, which he was still involved in up until the day of his arrest. Jason demonstrated solidarity directly with the immigrant, student and workers’ rights, environmental justice and LGBTQ movements. His reasons for doing so?

“Everyone deserves a fair opportunity to lead a good and meaningful life and at the moment we have a long way to go before this is achieved. Sometimes we cry, other times we rejoice, but we must rise to the challenge and work through these difficult endeavors to create a beautiful and free society.”

Please support Jason in this time of need; he is a very valued member of our community.
From Jason:

To all my friends, family, and supporters,

First and foremost, I want to thank all of the truly amazing people that have showed me love and support, I am forever indebted to you. I was bonded out of Cook County Jail late last week and I am now back amongst my beloved community in Chicago. I am happy and on way to pick up where I left off. My heart was warmed by all the letters and messages of solidarity I received and it was very awesome to have communicated with people while in custody. I am excited to be able to start playing music and support my brother Jeremy ( In regards to my arrest, I am being charged with allegedly being involved in the interruption of a white supremacist and Neo-Nazi gathering in Tinley Park in May, 2012. While I am [out on] bond, I will be able to better work on the defense of my case. So again, thank you all for the support for me and my brother in these times of struggle.

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