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December 10, 2013

Thanks for your support. You don’t know how much it means for us and all the prisoners currently in jail to know that initiative like yours exist and spread the truth about the current Irish situation.

The situation in Maghaberry jail is still as it was. The Loyalist Prisoners Officer Association is still refusing to work the 2011 agreement, backed up by the administration and the British puppets in Stormont. The POWs are still fighting to have the end of the forced strip searches, the controlled movement and to achieve the full implementation of the 2011 agreement. Once again your support is appreciated and gives strength to the prisoners in their struggle in resisting the criminalisation policy and their ultimate goal to be recognized as political prisoners.

We send our support to all political prisoners over the 5 continents and would be glad to implement a collaboration with the ABC on the question of political prisoners over the world.

We invite the ABC, and any groups wishing to lend support or to find out more about the current situation to contact us directly through email:


In regards to David Gilbert:

Combating Sexism, Homophobia and Transphobia. Issue 21: Fall 2012.

Greetings Comrades! How are you doing? I’m okay! First off I live an “Alternative Lifestyle” myself. This is who I am. But in society I was “never” judged by people (I was respected by all). When I became locked up boy this is another story. Nobody has the right to judge another human being because of his or her Gender, Sexuality, Race, etc. We have battled and still are today with this issue here in America.

This is a very good topic. I was told this is “The Land of the Free.” So on that note I’m satisfied. Being incarcerated I’ve had Correctional Officers plus inmates call me names like Whitney Houston, NeNe Leakes (two black female celebrities), faggot, punk and the list goes on.

My attitude toward it is Oh! They don’t know me. I know who I am and I know what I’ve been through in this life of mine.
How can I get mad at a FOOL.

They simply don’t know any better.

Another thing I want to (address) is if a man wants to be with the same-sex in a relationship, and women too, who is to say they’re wrong?

I believe whoever you choose to be with, if they make you happy and treat you right, go for it! “It’s your prerogative.” I have never in here or free outside in society imposed my sexuality on anyone!

Sexuality doesn’t define me. It’s a part of me. This is where mankind gets it twisted. I will never ever apologize for something that makes me HAPPY. One thing (we) know for sure, we got one life to live so people live it to the “Fullest.”

Regardless of what others think, say and do. We live in a society now where Folks are bitter with themselves and they want others to feel this way. It’s called misery loves company. But we as people of an Alternative Lifestyle must always remain strong and never lose focus.

I demand respect and I won’t settle for anything less. Living any type of Lifestyle is only (human nature). I don’t use or like those labels Homosexual, Bisexual, Heterosexual, etc.

Those are just names the people in the World try to place on (us). It’s a form of stereotype to me. I’m a person who lives an Alternative Lifestyle Pointblank!

And if you don’t like it, or refuse to accept it, stay out of my way.

If I change for someone or something I’m not being myself and that won’t ever happen.

So to ALL PEOPLE “in general” just live your *LIFE* (End Of Discussion).

Living through the Struggle.

Activist Derrick

Elaborating on what Ms. Veronica Hernandez has mentioned about her being tried as an adult at the age of 17. (Editor’s note: in issue 21)

My name is Gadget. I am from Massachusetts and am currently serving a second degree murder sentence that I received at the age of 17. I was tried as an adult when I was 16 years old. Due to the recent change of law back in October 1996, now, as young adults tried as “youthful offenders” there are some new laws that have taken place that will protect us from being unjustly tried and sentenced. There can’t be a mandatory sentence of life given to you unless you are given the opportunity to show the judge your whole background, on how you were raised, from father, mother, siblings, relationships. Basically, the a & b process that was done before you actually face the judge as an adult you will be getting if you are to be found guilty. (Hopefully, you don’t go through that process.) But that is the process. Just recently there was a study done, as you mentioned, on the development of the mind of a juvenile,which the judge has to take under consideration. If you feel that your lawyer is not meeting his or her expectations, you have the right to fire that lawyer. Words of the wise: “lawyers are as good as YOU make them.” It’s bad enough that you have your life at the hands of an unknown person. And to just let him or her blow smoke up your ass… and not want to do anything is another. Fight and continue. I have been in prison since I was 16 years old, now 30 years old. I have seen my youth come and go all because I put my life in my trial lawyer’s hands that did not give a simple care for my human life even though evidence showed my innocence. So continue to fight.
Editor’s note: The issue of children and young people getting huge sentences is horrible and violates international standards and law. Anyone who knows of legal resources for such cases could send it to 4sm and we will put it out. Good to see the fighting spirit from Gadget and the strong convicts from Mass—Remember, Freedom Is A Constant Struggle!


Revolutionary Greetings!

I was fortunate some time ago to read an issue of 4Struggle, and I was very much intrigued by the revolutionary message it conveyed in it; in fact, the first issue I recall reading is the issue which had the Comrade Geronimo Ji Jaga Pratt on the cover in recognition of his return to the essence.

Your magazine is a powerful tool which can be used inside these concentration camps to raise the awareness of those of us held captive regarding the ills plaguing us as an oppressed people. I would love to subscribe to your magazine, and utilize it to agitate the static state of the masses who presently are asleep to the realities confronting us. Once agitated, I can then focus on educating and mobilizing us to change our conditions. As stated, your magazine will assist in this arduous yet indispensable process.

Free Jalil Muntaquim, Herman Bell and all Prisoners of War/Political Prisoners. Tutashinda! (We Will Prevail!)

In Solidarity,
Moshe Cinque (Canty s/n) aka
Moshe Cinque Taharga Olngbala San Kofa Owusu
Upstate Correctional Facility309 Bare Hill Road
PO Box 2001
Malone, NY 12953


A Society of Political Prisoners!!!


As the seasons come and go, different people add new vibrations to an already melanic planet.

Like the beauty of a garden where there is a variety of flowers. The flowers cannot be overshadowed by a single rose. It is simply a beautiful rose within a beautiful array of flowers.

To orchestrate the roses or any of the flowers (in any way at all) offsets the natural vibration of the garden. Even though it may be pretty to look at, it has been altered.

Melanic people (all People of Color) have been altered, are placed into a position where their natural vibrations are offset. They cannot blossom, or reach their full potential! For the benefit of the Ruling Class, the Minority has been orchestrated to appear a certain way!
This political operation was designed to kill the growth and development of the flowers of this planet. Leaving behind a society of political prisoners.

“If the soul is left in darkness, sins will be committed. The guilty one is not he who commits the sin, but he who causes the darkness…”

– Victor Hugo

May the struggle continue to rise.


My name is Shamgod. I’m a prisoner of racism. But a defender of the poor. I have been reading your magazine for some time. I also ask that you review and discuss an urban revolutionary book that speaks to the young’s trials in the streets.

If we are to give struggle meaning, it’s most imperative we channel our info in a way that challenges those who will create tomorrow.
Attached is a poem for you to publish.

Prison Guard

Every time I see you, the thoughts you produce are so sad. Unlike everyone else that searches for freedom in this world, you have intentionally used life options to chain change in future and brutally exploit lessons of the past.

While the design unknown to you is to keep us both stuck or dead before our human anger or state money don’t last.

Have you not realized the abnormality in your job is a difficult psyche task? Yet in the scope of the patriot subject, turn keys are associated with cheap mercenary trash.

Keep your head up high prisoners. This is just a reality check to make you laugh.

Shamgod J. Thompson

Salute to the prisoners standing up in California.

Shamgod Thompson
01B0848 12 A1 9
Five Points Correctional Facility
State Route 96, PO Box 119
Romulus, New York 14541


My name is Kijana Tashiri Askari, a New Afrikan Black Political Prisoner, based upon my New Afrikan Revolutionary Nationalist (N.A.R.N.) political beliefs and activities within these slave kamps (prisons).

I am also a class representative of the Pelican Bay Human Rights Movement (PBHRM).

Comrades, as we get ready to embark upon our next phase of peacefully protesting and resisting the torturous and inhumane conditions of solitary confinement that we’ve been subjugated to for the past 10 to 40 plus years!!

In struggle,
Kijana Tashiri Askari
[Ed. Note: See hunger strike updates, page ___]



To all Black/Brown/Red/(Poor Whites), men and women in prison, in jail, around the world today. When there are decisions being made for you, without your being aware of it, you become political! If the government deems it best you remain illiterate, for their overall good, you become political! Strategically placed drugs, guns, liquor stores, in our communities. We become political! Glamorizing these things on TV, in movies and music. Subliminal tricks that affect our overall view on life, the way we deal with and solve personal problems! All these horrible things and so much more make us all political prisoners! Denies us our human rights to freewill! To choose our destiny without influence or distraction! Being consciously blind to these tricks is not fair. It makes us keep asking ourselves what’s wrong, looking for an answer that we can never find. Only when we wake up to the understanding that we all are political prisoners, will we see change! We have been fighting for change for so long! And we’re still fighting for change! Let’s try something new! And demand freedom! Fight for freedom! Even if it means learning their tricks and using them to better us! This is what is meant by “any means necessary!”

I am John Wilson III. I came across your mag this week and really did enjoy reading it. I am a seg inmate, almost 10 years now in this small cell. Over 20 years in prison. For a man with little education I love to read and write and study. I’ve written some articles on this topic…A Society of Political Prisoners..and thought I’d share my opinion, and this lil poem. You’re welcome to do what you want with it if you can understand it. I encourage you all to keep the fight alive!

Power to the oppressed!

Mr. John Wilson III
Coffield #682430
2661 FM 2054
Tenn. Colony, TX 75884



Enclosed you will find my most recent poem titled “Transcendance.”

I’ve been learning to become more socially conscious through the work of 4Struggle Magazine. Thank you for teaching me the truths that the mainstream media purposely ignores. I share the mag with other brothers on the tier and we often find ourselves engaged in the critical thinking it provides…much love.

Revolutionary Speed,
Gilbert Bao

Metamorphasizing in a concrete capsule of time
constantly moving forward yet left behind
Am I the wind or am I the sail
does it even matter … or wasted energies to no avail
The opportunity of unity expands my mind
beyond the egocentric predicament of space and time
Forces of the ancient ascend from my roots
engaging the darkness in beret and boots
Cosmic warrior transcends the ashe
persevering through dimensions of a broken past
Always remembering to never forget
deconstructing the illusion is time well spent
A flickering flame illuminates my path
persistence…patience…endurance like algorithms in math
In the trench of consciousness I reflect
challenging contradictions to resurrect cause and effect
Immersed in the strengths the elements manifest
the copal smoke dances to balance unrest
Elevated frequencies stream from the glyphs
shaping the plane of social consciousness
Realm beyond the web of fate
provoking beams of thought..can you relate

Gilbert Bao #P-77497
CTF North WB #328
PO Box 705
Soledad, CA 93960

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