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Statement of Anti Colonialist Working Group on the death of Dolours Price and continued internment of Marian Price

May 2, 2013

On January 23rd, Ireland lost one of their most brave and heroic fighters, IRA Volunteer Dolours Price. Anti Colonialist Working Group sends their condolences to the Price family and the Irish people for this great loss. In this sad time we send our sympathy to the family, friends and comrades of this great woman who has always remained true to the principles of Irish Republicans despite all the attacks on herself and her family.

We particularly send our condolences to Marian Price who is still interned by the British state for the fact that she holds the same principles, and is being punished for refusing to give up these principles.

Anti Colonialist Working Group condemns the continued internment of Marian Price , despite the fact that she was granted bail, and condemns the fact that the British state is refusing to let her grieve or even attend the funeral of her sister.

Her continued internment is part of the psychological torture against Price and her whole family, who is not just punishing Marian Price but her whole family by stealing from them two daughters! To deny Marian the right to be with her family in this dark time demonstrates the true nature of the British occupation which has nothing to do with law and order, or compassion but rather is based on torture, destroying families, shredding documents and ignoring courts when they don’t rule in their favour.

Anti Colonialist Working Group is appalled at the level of inhumanity the Occupation is willing to sink to to destroy peoples just struggle for freedom, and demands the immediate release of Marian Price so that she can be reunited with her family.

It is obvious that this latest tactic is aimed to break Marian Price, and teach a lesson to all those who refuse to bow down to the forces of imperialism and colonialism in the occupied Six Counties. The Anti Colonialist Working Groups admires the courage of Marian Price and salutes her determination in the face of continued torture and attacks by the British state and want her to know that the whole world is watching!

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