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Introduction to Issue 22: Resisting Sexism, Homophobia and Transphobia

May 2, 2013

Hello readers, new and old, activists and fellow revolutionaries, welcome to the Spring 2013 issue of 4sm.

We have a lot of useful and important information for you in #22. First, let me tell you about some changes – additions, that 4sm will initiate in the next issue, #23.

Many of you 4sm people – readers are already familiar with The Jericho Movement, the national movement to support and free political prisoners in the United States. See Jihad Abdul Mumit’s article on Jericho and political prisoners in this issue. In the past, Jericho has published a paper and newsletter. Beginning in our summer issue, 4sm will include a complete Jericho newsletter in each issue. This is a natural fit for 4sm, and we think Jericho’s newsletter pages will add to the overall information and value of 4sm.

Many readers are probably also familiar with the work and writings of Ward Churchill. He is, of course, a noted author of many books, innumerable essays and articles, a scholar, educator and activist who has focused on Native American history and struggle. Ward Churchill will be a regular columnist-essayist for 4sm, and his first work with us will be in the next issue. We are also working on having a leader-elder of the Puerto Rican People’s Independence Movement contribute a column or essay on a regular basis.

We think these additions will make 4sm even more dynamic and useful for our readers, especially all you activists and Freedom Fighters, those in prison and outside.

In this issue, definitely check out the section on Lynne Stewart. She is dying in prison and we can and must give her our support and love, and get her freed, on a medical compassionate release.

Also check out the Denver ABC article on the renewed effort to develop a nationwide amnesty movement and campaign to free political prisoners in the u.s. I urge all p.p.’s to contact the Denver address with your thoughts and advice. Likewise collectives, organizations and activists outside who have the desire and interest to support an Amnesty for p.p.’s campaign, make contact with Denver and lets build the struggle to win freedom for political prisoners.

4sm is initiating a new discussion and struggle against patriarchy and sexism in this issue. We are reprinting David Gilbert’s call for this discussion (from #21) and invite you to read and respond.

Check out Rashid Johnson’s unusual and harrowing piece about getting drugged and one bad thing leading to another. Then also read my article on drugs, prison life and the long established political prisoner position on drugs.

This issue has lots of other news and information for you. 4sm will put out two more issues this year – #23 in August and #24 in November. With our upcoming additions, especially the Jericho newsletter section, 4sm will probably be bigger and will take more resources to put out. While 4sm is a professionally produced and printed magazine (both online and in hardcopy), this is a totally non-profit enterprise. There are no paid staff or writers at 4sm. There are many costs in putting this magazine out and getting it in your hands. 4sm certainly could use some material support from you for this revolutionary work, especially at this time. See you all in #23 – out this summer.

No To Imperialist War in Korea, Africa and Afghanistan! Free Lynne Stewart Now!

Jaan Laaman, editor Jaan Karl Laaman #10372-016 USP Tucson

P.O. Box 24550 Tucson, AZ USA 85734

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  1. lion permalink
    May 12, 2013 4:00 am

    Just last night I was subject to some vehemently sexist, homophobic and transphobic abuse from a woman (backed up by her boyfriend) when I questioned their defense of rape jokes and tried to explain how these rape jokes were offensive even when they are told by a comic on stage (I was called a tranny and a dyke) and, forced to leave at the behest of a man posing as security who identified as Martin Williams and Martin Philips (he kept flitting between the two names when pushed) employed at Castle pub, Aberystwyth (this is to be distinguished from ship and castle which is a different place) ignoring what I had to face. I am disgusted.

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