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March on the RNC

October 4, 2012

The corporate media won’t report on it, so follow and find livestreams on Twitter: #resistRNC #marchontheRNC #OccupTheRNC #frnc,@OccupyRNC and @OccupyTampa. The protest will continue throughout the week. Nonviolent direct action marches will take place every day at 10 am as an alternative to the official, barbed-wire enclosed “event zone” (cage) declared by the city and police to keep protesters far away from the eyes of the media, while the wealthy are given lavish parties and the ears of the politicians inside the heavily-guarded walls.

Those who come to demonstrate at the RNC do not come to confront you. They come to confront:

• those who give you your orders, our Elected Officials.

• those who give them their orders, the Power Elite.

We, police officers and protesters alike, should be standing together to remind our government that they work for us, the people. That it is WE THE PEOPLE who elect them, and we who give them their orders.

You have been told that we are coming to commit acts of violence and destruction. We are not. We utilize peaceful means to promote peaceful ends and to stand up for justice…social, economic and environmental justice.

You have been told that we are coming to fight the police. We are not. You are being abused right along with us. It is the Power Elite we are after. They are screwing over all of us and laugh at us when we fight one another.

It’s time we stood together. We know who the real enemy is, and its neither you or us. So it’s pointless to fight one another.

If you are ordered to assault a non-violent peaceful crowd, we ask you to defy your orders. Stand for justice. It is our sincere hope that you allow the demonstrators to do what they come to do, peacefully protest an unjust system. We stand for justice.


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