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Occupy Wall Street

December 16, 2011


This Fall, we have witnessed the birth and development of a new movement in the United States. From the initial Occupy Wall Street gathering in Zuccotti Park, now known as Liberty Park, to dozens and dozens of other occupy gatherings and encampments around the country, a new movement of the people exists. A lot of words, questions and analyses, have come out of the occupations.

Recently, police/government attacks have been launched against this movement, and occupation encampments have been torn up in Atlanta, Boston, Burlington, VT, Denver, Oakland, Portland, OR, Salt Lake City, St. Louis and in New York City too. Information has come out that mayors’ offices and police chiefs in these and other cities have been coordinating their attacks and receiving instructions from Homeland Security and other federal cops on when and how to attack the occupy movement.

The U.S. government and the ruling class of billionaires and corporate wealth it primarily protects and serves, recognizes the potential of real changes that the occupy movement represents.

As occupiers are being pushed out of many parks and losing their base of operations, it is of course necessary for people to come up with new ways to gather, communicate and continue the struggle.

4strugglemag supports the occupy movement and we urge our readers to participate directly where possible, and to share your creative thoughts on tactics, strategy and how to sustain and push the struggle forward. We are printing several pieces on occupy and look forward to your responses and ideas for issue 21.

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