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November 14, 2011

Dear Friends,

In the midst of new worldwide and national currents of change, the passing on of lessons of the past to new generations takes on even greater meaning.  Your year-end contribution gives Freedom Archives the ability to sustain and expand our work. Thank you!

Our award winning film COINTELPRO 101 has been shown both nationally and internationally ­generating unique opportunities for organizing and sharing the lessons and strategies of resistance and mobilization. We were recently “on the road” in Chicago and Upstate NY and will be presenting the film at the prestigious Festival Internacional del Nuevo Cine Latinoamericano in Havana Cuba.

We have been working hard to organize a truly unique way of accessing our archives on line.  This will give Freedom Archives the ability to share our resources more effectively with communities and individuals throughout the world.

We marked the untimely passing of Geronimo ji Jaga. Geronimo’s lifelong resistance in the struggles of human rights and Black liberation is one that needs to be shared throughout our communities. Take a look at our web page to see and listen to videos and audio clips that highlight his years of struggle in prison and his unwavering commitment to free all political prisoners.

We celebrated a significant victory in the San Francisco 8 case on October 22nd, with the dismissal of the final charges against Francisco Torres. This case erupted in January of 2007­the week our film Legacy of Torture premiered. Legacy of Torture traces the history of repression against the Black Panther Party from 1973 to the case of the San Francisco 8.

Two short videos made by the Freedom Archives were also central to commemorations marking 40 years since the murder of George Jackson and the Attica Rebellion of 1971. You can see both of these on our website as well.

Both Legacy of Torture and COINTELPRO 101 highlight the essential role that the resources of Freedom Archives can play in keeping the voices of struggle and resistance alive and growing. As we travel both nationally and internationally we are engaging with young people, longtime activists, academics, and community institutions that are carrying the torch of previous and current generations.

What we are planning for this coming year

COINTELPRO 101 is particularly timely in focusing attention on the current escalation of government repression – especially in the context of the Grand Juries targeting activists in the Midwest, the increased attacks on immigrants, the rise in Islamophobia, and the growing resistance of those imprisoned in Control Unit prisons and in prolonged isolation.

By integrating documents into our searchable database over the last year, we have created a much more complex and thorough collection of materials. Our challenge is to create a web-based interface that is much more friendly and intuitive­so non-scholars can explore the richness of our holdings. By upgrading our data management and by designing a thematically-based and more graphic web presence, we hope to attract a broader and younger group to explore our holdings.

Our pilot project will focus on the historic movement to close Control Unit prisons. Control Units have proliferated since the 1980s and now house over 100,000 prisoners in prolonged isolation. This project takes on heightened significance In light of the recent hunger strikes in California led by Pelican Bay prisoners demanding an end to prolonged isolation. We are expecting to make these documents, audio, and video materials available on-line in the coming months.

Your Contributions

Your support has made our work possible. As we begin our 12th year, we are fortunate not to be dependent on grants or foundations, rather we have continued to expand our base and capacity by relying on you­members of our community who stand for justice. Every donation, no matter how small, contributes to our ability to keep on keepin’ on. Thank you in advance for standing shoulder to shoulder with Freedom Archives.

Preserving the Past – Illuminating the Present – and Shaping the Future!

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