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Part 2: Fighting Strategy to Defeat G8/G20 Global Imperialist KKKorporation

July 25, 2011


In adherence to General Malcom X, the G8/G20 resistance movement must speak the language of the enemy (i.e. the nations, multinational corporations and banking institutions that make up the G8/G20 Imperialist Kkkorporation): Peace when they speak peace, violence when they speak violence.

The successful protest marches, rallies and demonstrations in Tunisia and Egypt this January and February 2011 show that such forms of peaceful resistance may be effective in bringing about revolutionary change, or in asserting people power on the national and/or global scale. However, if and wherever such peaceful protest marches, demonstrations and activism are met with oppressive or violent state repression (i.e. Lybia, Syria, and Ivory Coast etc.), the Resistance Movement must initiate/conduct a well-organized urban guerrilla war campaign against the G8/G20 Kkklan on a national or global level.

There are three “alternative institutions” to the G8/G20 Kkklan that come easily to mind that G8/G20 resistors can and should use to assert people power on the national and/or global scale. They are: 1) The Millions More Movement (; 2) The U.S. Social Forum/World Social Forum (; and 3) The Left Forum ( I would urge all G8/G20 resistance comrades to join forces/collaborate with one or more of these alternative institutions, help build and strengthen them, and use them as the vehicle for fighting, defeating, and replacing the G8/G20 Global Imperialist Kkkorporation.

In 4strugglemag #17, page 43-44, the 4SM editor spoke in his response to my “Fighting Strategy to Defeat G8/G20 Global Imperialist KKKorporation” (Part 1), about the nature of demonstrations and the different things for which people were arrested while protesting the June 2010 G8/G20 Summits. I take no issue with his analysis of the demonstrations in general, or the fact that people were arrested illegally simply for being leaders, speakers, or organizers engaged in lawful/peaceful marching and demonstrations. However, the G8/G20 protests and demonstrations must be planned and conducted in such a way as to avoid or minimize all unnecessary arrests or other state attacks.

The risks involved in anti-G8/G20 protests, demonstrations and marches should be identified and weighed beforehand and these resistance activities planned and conducted in accordance with a cost-benefit assessment that seeks to get maximum benefit from every contribution or sacrifice, and to avoid or minimize all unnecessary loses or attacks on our comrades. G8/G20 protesters should not make themselves open invitations, easy targets, or likely victims of foreseeable arrests or violent attacks by police, security, or intelligence forces. This is especially true when such counter-revolutionary forces can be out-smarted, out-manoeuvred, and/or evaded by the planning and conducting of the protests, demonstrations, and marches in a place, time, and manner that put counter-revolutionary forces at their weakest point.

Just because the 2010 G8/G20 Summits were in Huntsville and Toronto does not mean that the protests had to be staged at the same place instead of in a city or country more hospitable to anti-G8/G20 protestors. Neither did the time of the protests have to coincide with the time of the G8/G20 Summits, nor protestors have to engage in direct-action confrontation or encounters with the opposition in order for anti-G8/G20 protests to be effective and successful. The time of the protest demonstrations could have been weeks or months before or after the Summits, and the manner of protesting could have been demonstrations, marches, rallies, or conferences (i.e. World Conference on Racism) held at or in safe, neutral or allied territory where the opposition would not be able to carry out repressive activities against G8/G20 protestors. (Note: CIA/U.S. Special Forces Invaded Pakistan to assassinate Osama bin Laden).

Most fundamentally, any actual confrontation or engagement with the G8/G20 Kkklan and or their police, security, and intelligence forces should be conducted from a position of equal or greater power, whether these be direct, indirect, open or covert protest/resistance activities. It is neither wise nor revolutionary for G8/G20 protestors to engage the enemy from a position of weakness when better options remain available. Like Shaka Zulu, the Great Afrikan King and military strategist, the G8/G20 resisters must always fight from a position of equal or greater power by always dictating, determining, and controlling when, where, and by what methods (terms) the war will be fought, such that we are not fighting from a position of weakness, and the superior power of the enemy is effectively off-set or circumvented.

Finally, G8/G20 protestors and other comrades who commit to armed revolutionary struggle should assume the character, strategy, and tactics of the guerrilla warrior, as these apply to fighting in rural and urban areas and on the local, regional, national, or global level. This should be done instead of engaging the enemy in counter-revolutionary or self-defeating confrontations. In this regard, it is crucial that comrades seriously study the following:

  1. FBI secret wars against the U.S. Communist Party, Black Panther Party and Black Liberation Movement, Native American Indian Movement, White Leftist Groups, and American Muslims
  2. CIA/U.S. Military operations and wars against revolutionaries, insurgents, and guerrilla warriors in the Middle East, Afrika, Asia, and Latin America
  3. CIA/U.S. Military global war against Al-Qaida, and Operation Jeronimo wherein CIA and U.S. Special Forces assassinated Osama bin-Laden

From this study, comrades should acquire knowledge of the identities, capabilities, weakenesses, and methods of the G8/G20 Kkklan and their police, security, and intelligence forces, and further learn revolutionary and guerrilla tactics and strategies required to institute a revolutionary insurgency and defeat counterinsurgency of the opposition. Such study and preparation is most critical. As previously stated, we have enough political prisoners, prisoners of war and martyrs already. We need not add to these if no extraordinary or special reason justify it, and if it can be avoided by more effective preparation and execution.

Free the Land! Reparations Yes!
Death to White World Supremacy (Racism)!
Death to Imperialism!
Allahu Akbar!! Allahu Akbar!!

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