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On Being Anti-Racist

July 25, 2011


I am anti-racist. What this means is that I am against the beliefs that any race is superior to another and that hatred and hostility promoted towards a person or people because of the their ethnicity or because of the colour of their skin, is immoral and unjustifiable.

A common misconception that I come across when I tell people that I am anti-racist, is that I am speaking solely against white supremacists. While I have declared war on some groups such as racist skinheads, this is not because they are white, but because their crimes are atrocious.

I recognize in its entirety the fact that there are many racists amongst people of colour, but since I am ignorant to, and have not had any experience with any groups made up of “minorities” that dedicate themselves to promoting racism – I must deal with people of colour on an individual basis.

I do not judge based on colour (or lack of), but judge based on conduct and best believe that I will just as quickly hit a fellow “minority” in the mouth for using racial slurs towards whites in my presence as I would a nazi for using derogatory terms towards people of colour.

I don’t care who your hate is aimed at when it stems from racist ideology. There is nothing one can say that justifies hating an entire people because of the ethnic group they were born into. Such prejudice is absolutely fucking ridiculous. That is not an opinion that is fact. I defy anyone to prove to me that there is anything at all intelligent in racist theory…

I have heard all the excuses. Everything, from the belief that some groups are “god’s chosen people” and the rest are scum, to the weak excuse that the faulty actions of some justify the discrimination of the whole, and from time to time a racist will be honest and say that either they were raised to believe that shit, so it is “natural” or that they are simply fucked up in the head and hate everything to do with peoples of a certain race for reasons they don’t know or care to examine…

I must also point out that I feel that there is a difference between “nationalism” and racism. I personally haven’t any serious issues against nationalism. There are some who love their people and believe that it is their duty to strive for the betterment of their own before others, and though I would rather see a world of unity than one of pessimism, I cannot honesty say there is anything “wrong” with focusing your efforts on helping a minority rather than the majority.

What is wrong is taking this a step further by saying that while your goal is to uplift your own, you also have to bring down all those outside your race. Once that line has been crossed, a threat has been established and an enemy revealed.

I am a supporter of humanitarianism and an enemy to all those who have no regard for human life. Racists are such enemies. They wish for the elimination of all men, women, and children whose only crimes are to have been born from different people than they.

I believe that all people should be free to live as they see fit, though I likewise believe everyone must face the consequences of their actions – good or bad – so it is that one should not expect me to be passive when the motives of another threatens my well-being or that of any other…

While there are those who have confrontations with their conscience about their beliefs and actions, and even though they may have potential in learning the truth, a racist is a racist and therefore an enemy and shall be treated as such until the day comes that they renounce their delusional and damaging ways and show some remorse.

I encourage them to do as much and more, but until then I will battle these haters with a frenzy whether on the yard or in the free world.

For me, being anti-racist isn’t just saying I disagree with racism, it is actually standing against those who promote it.

Though I have a humanist heart, I am incapable of showing haters my love…

Christopher Gonzalez #95595
Ely State Prison
P.O. Box 1989
Ely Nevada
39301-1981 USA

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