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July 25, 2011


I just wanted to tell all of those down with the “4strugglemag” movement, that it is a pleasure to see different brothers and sisters come together, and to keep fighting your inner and outer struggles. Know and understand that the challenges we face in life are what show us our strengths and weaknesses. Regardless of what you do, do not give up! Anything worth having is worth working hard for to get. A female friend of mine told me, “you always looking for the easy way out. Sometimes you have to do things the hard way,” seven and a half years ago, which is how long I’ve been incarcerated. For years these words have been stuck in my head and it took me a while to grasp the meaning of what she had said to me. Then, one day, I received spiritual insight (understanding), and the meaning of her words unfolded and expanded my view of life. I came to the conclusion that, “patience” really is a “virtue.” You have to really sit yourself down, “check yourself,” or “life will do it for you!” Which leads me to say, “constantly reflect upon everything you think, say, or do, because in the end you’ll find love, peace, and happiness, that nothing material can buy.”

Peace and Blessings,

Knowledge G (Stanley Corbett Jr.)

To those interested in my poetry – contact:
Stanley Corbett, Jr. #0716025
1300 Western Blvd.
Raleigh, NC
27606 USA

Revolutionary Greetings!

Fellow Comrades in this struggle. This is my first sermon, in a series to come, as I wish to extend internationally with those dedicated to the freedom of all oppressed peoples of the world and especially those in the Prison Industrial Complex.

I was encouraged by your method in reaching those in most need of such: prisoners! As Karl Marx stated, “philosophers have only interpreted the world in various ways; the point is to change it!”

That change starts with the mind! A revolution of the mind – the mind of the masses of people. Revolutions arise from the objective conditions. Building public opinion as Mao stated helps one learn about the objective conditions which develop revolutionary consciousness and the will to act.

As a prisoner who is oppressed in the belly of the beast, I’ve come to learn, through the revolution of knowledge, that I have been deceived by gimmicks and tricknology that has numbed into apathy my existence, a system that dehumanizes and keeps oppressed people under a social yoke of slavery (13th Amendment) through an economic system built to fetter one to a surplus value enriching and keeping in power the prisoncrats and exploiters.

Those asleep need to be woken up; those dead to the struggle; need to be mobilized or tossed aside like unusable trash and the hunter/capitalist must now be hunted. Many of you just don’t realize that if you are not a part of the solution then you are a part of the problem.

I want to extend national salutations to my Brother K. Solomon who has helped me overcome in this dark and lonely place. Thank you, Brother, let us build and mobilize all those “we” and who can until the turning wheels fall off.

In love, strength and sacrifice!
K. Tocatzin

Anthony Montanez #1362332
Connally Unit
899 F.M. 632
Kenedy, TX
78119 USA


Shu Ru. Thank you 4strugglemag for giving the Politically Intelligent Revolutionary Units an outlet for their voice to be heard. We must learn from the people over in Egypt, Tunisia, Yemen, etc. to become one minded. We must fight for a cause like freedom, justice, and equality against a common enemy, the oppressive and exploitative establishment.

I’m interested in knowing, do any brothas or sistas have the whole “Lift Every Voice and Sing” Black National Anthem song, that they can send to 4strugglemag to possibly print or send to me at the address below, for this blessed black history month?

In Political Education for this time we need more legal education. The lawyers we pay or don’t pay are selling us out. They are cutting backroom deals with the prosecutor and manipulating the law to use loopholes to get brothas and sistas enslaved in these modern day concentration camps.

Trial lawyers be inexperienced; they fail to bring up beneficial issues, they allow the prosecutor to misstate or cover up evidence and they fail to make proper objections at times. Some issues not brought up at trial or before trial are deemed as waived. Trial lawyers will pretend they are helping you, they take your money and they contact the appeal counsel to cover up their tracks on a buddy-buddy system or favour for favour.

If your appeal counsel do not present the right issues in your appeal brief, you will have problems while filing your State Supreme Court brief and your Federal Habeas Corpus. Ignorance of the law is no excuse. Motions must be filed within time limits. Two good books to have for beginners are your State criminal rules of court for trial and appeal and your State civil Federal rules of court for Federal Habeas Corpus. It also helps to get a Black’s Law Dictionary. Due to lack of knowledge, understanding and comprehension, we are being railroaded into the system. The judge and prosecutor are not going to tell you or your lawyer how to do their job. We must educate ourselves and each one teach hundreds.

Paralegals in jail are not really helping prisoners either. They only give you what you request from the computer or books. They don’t tell you what you need to know or how to do something.

I recommend that jailhouse lawyers build a network to exchange intel and communicate with brothas and sistas who come into the system that done went to trial. When the system fails us we must help ourselves as a collective. We must be leaders over our destiny.

For my Guerrilla Revolutionary Freedom fighter brothas and sistas, these concentration camps are a form of population control. You cannot reproduce from prison. Families are being torn apart and we are prisoners of war. A silent war is being carved out by targeting our domains under the disguise of the war on drugs, violence, terrorism, etc. We are under attack, so the natural law is to defend self, family, and domain, Guerrillas Rise Chanting Liberty or Death.

Dedicated to all P.P/P.O.W., the Black Blood Brotha and Sistahood, P.D. 1 and the Maddox Family.

Mr. Maddox #555753
878 Coitsville Hubbard Rd
Youngstown, OH
44505 USA

[Editor’s note: we’ve reprinted “Lift Every Voice and Sing” on this page]

Dear 4strugglemag,

To all comrades who are a part of the struggle, a good comrade just recently received your material and it inspired me to push this pen and share my thoughts. I would like to be put on the mailing list to start receiving your mag. I am currently serving two life sentences at Ely State Prison, and it is “hell” for some of my comrades. I salute you in respect and solidarity. I would like to start this letter by introducing myself as “the Dropout.” Most of the gangs in here do not associate with me at all. They call me the “enemy” because I do not choose to engage in prison gang politics. I choose to rise above this system and for our comrades and sistas to stay together and rise above the cruel and unusual punishment we endure day in and day out in this environment.
I read all the writings in 4strugglemag and I feel good inside, feel good to see other brothas and sistas rise for their right to be treated with respect to not be treated as human slaves. We allow ourselves to become stagnant; we allow ourselves to be racist, to be hateful and grimmy. Now to all who say I am the enemy because I chose to liberate and educate my mind and not be racist, not be hateful and grimmy, but to rise against the system to refuse to be treated unfairly, cruelly and unusually—to refuse to be treated like a slave. We need to eliminate prison gang politics and racism and create a movement to rise above, to educate ourselves. To liberate our minds we must fight our true enemies not only physically, but mentally as well. We waste so much time fighting amongst each other; it does not make sense.

I give my full salute to prisoners in Georgia for their “non-violent rise against the system” for sticking through the pain they’re put through in hard times. I am there with you comrades. I’m fighting the same fight. I refuse to be stepped on and used like a slave. I also salute in solidarity the Brown Riders Liberation Party for their struggle and rise against “the pigs” we are “at war” against. We need to open our eyes and see. We must stand together as an unbreakable wall, to liberate ourselves, to educate ourselves not only blacks and browns, but as human beings part of the struggle. I’ve shed blood for respect and I know who the real enemy is. I am not the enemy. I speak truthfully. There is no solidarity in this system. There is too much hatred between rival gangs; we are treated like circus tigers who are being whipped to jump through hoops, to turn on one another while these pigs laugh and treat us like dogs. We need to put an end to prison gangs and a rise to radical prison groups, chapters, and revolutionary prison movements. I hope all my comrades in solidarity read and take notice, to unite against the true enemy. These are the words from “the Dropout.”

To all prison radicals that may have love and resistance in their hearts and the power to educate and liberate their mind.

With respect and solidarity,
Ricky “the Dropout” Vazquez
(Brown and Down)

Dear Friends,

I am writing this letter because I was inspired by Lynne Stewart from Issue 18 for the Spring. Through family members I was in indirect contact with her asking about others like her that may have been able to help me, in my case prior to the Appeal Courts’ decision about her petition. Though I was never able to utilize anyone she may have referred to me, I was pleased and filled with gratitude that there are still human beings like her on Earth.

Dear friends, It is a constant “struggle” for me to live a life of controlled intervals of activities behind fences and walls but keep my beliefs and thoughts about the problems of the world bottled up without losing a piece of my humanity, mind, and spirit. I refuse to blindly follow!

Most people may not be aware of the connection that we all have as human beings, and how powerful that connection really is. How as individuals we all have an effect on one another whether this may be positive or negative in nature. No matter how far away we all may be from each other or even if we do not even know one another, we cannot escape this reality which exists in all levels of consciousness. This connection is not only limited to human beings. However, mankind, as the vicegerents of this earth have the most influence and effect!

Generally, individuals care about events surrounding them and no more; this is because of the immediate or the delayed effect that certain events may have on themselves and on their loved ones. Although it is an exceptional reaction of the human psyche, it is insufficient in higher levels of spirituality, thought and especially when taking account of the great human potential. It has been decades, if not centuries, that there has been a great deal of discoveries, inventions, and evolutions that have taken place in our materialistic lives. Yet the majority of the masses are still in primitive thoughts like racism, nationalism (which is equal to tribalism of the early times) and capitalism without the “proper” avenue to care for the unable and the disabled, wars for idealism that cost millions of lives without result and betterment of the world for mankind or for the future. Sadly, the truth is the opposite, we all have allowed catastrophes and disasters to take place throughout the ages simply because we lack a true vision and insight for the future and because of the senselessness we have allowed the destruction of the future generations after generations.

There are many reasons why these problems have got out of control. The masses are generally guided by their idealistic governmental propaganda, rather than being able to process the information televised to them with a realistic overall assessment of the events. We see an uproar of the sensible youth around the world objecting to the same old police states, military dictatorships, saying “NO” to tyranny and oppression and some of them even paying the ultimate price of giving their lives up, in reality for all of our struggle. I say our struggle because this world that we live in belongs to all of us. There is no such thing as superior race, colour, nation, civilization (with its correct meaning). We are the inheritors of this world. We all are the ambassadors and governors of this planet. We all should have more say as to how to operate this machine, rather than just having a choice to vote for one of the two bad guys. We all should prioritize the things that really matter and start changing the fall into the endless pit, and start climbing back up, taking care of needs of the future generations instead of leaving today’s problems that need fixing now to be dealt with later.
As human beings on the face of the earth, each and every one of us as individuals can take care of one major problem that causes some of the worst epidemics; that is to realize we all have responsibilities to one another and that our actions affect masses no matter how big or little. No matter what we do, we all must first think of how a certain thing is going to affect us as individuals, therefore affect our families, therefore affect our neighbours, therefore the town, the city, country, the world! This is the reality, and we all as individuals struggle hard, and strive to make this domino effect in a positive manner that will only benefit humankind.

We must care for each other and seek change of the current state of the world due to lack of true leadership, lack of true vision of what we all stand for globally, what we want for ourselves and for the future. However, the change we want comes with a price tag. That is, stopping to overly enjoy the very short time we all have here on this earth, and being productive, not just for this life but also for the hereafter. We all must work double hard to try to make up for the time that’s lost, and still making sure that the future generations struggle for even more generations to come, instead of back tracking.

“By the Token of time through the Ages,
Verily man is in loss,
Except such as have Faith, and do Righteous deeds,
and “Join Together” in the mutual teaching of Truth,
And of patience and constancy!” (103-1-3)

I am 4 struggle!

* I had to generalize to a minimum as a lot of what I wrote are huge topics that are dealt with in the study of sociology theses that have volumes upon volumes of books that have been long available. History repeats itself only because we do not learn from the mistakes of the generations that came and passed before us. I have especially stayed away from adding a lot of personal details because of my ongoing battle with a system that serves only to its own benefit and political propagation and agendas. Thank you all who have worked so hard to make this magazine happen. I wish all the success and a healthy growth. Anyone interested in finding out about me, simply Google my name : Serdar Tatar
Dear 4sm,

Greetings in constant elevation of unity, peace and equality amongst all with a firm and solid revolutionary salute … my name is comrade k/m.g. I’ve been incarcerated for 23 yrs; half of those years I’ve been kept in administrative custody because of my activism within the Puerto Rican population, as well as my political belief and the encouraging of Resistance against the racist and oppressive PA. D.O.C. Practices. But if you allow the administrators (slave masters) of the PA. D.O.C. to explain I’m a gang leader, a threat to the running of their institutions. Anytime you choose to fight the oppressors and not your own, now you are the enemy of the state.

Just recently I came across your magazine issue #17 Fall-Winter 2010; it was passed around by other revolutionary and conscious minded brothers and comrades, here at this control unit. I was blown away by the information that I was honored to read; being that PA loves to monitor and censor all political and revolutionary books, zines, and newspapers, and mags, or literature.

I really loved the Remembrance and The Commemoration that was offered to my fallen sister and mother patria Lolita Lebron. As a proud and strong Boriwa guererro man (Puerto Rican) my heart wept when we lost the mother of our Independence Movement, but our struggles and cause will continue. For all my Puerto Rican Brothers & Sisters and their Revolutionary Comrades  –  who are being oppressed by this racist and imperialistic capitalist government that seeks to destroy us by systematically undermining us, in the workplace, educational levels, and in the economic system – I implore you all to continue to fight… So we can undermine Their (the pigs) colonization of our peoples, and the expansion of the prison complex control unit, where so many brothers find themselves, for not agreeing with the government/police or their system of oppression.

4sm, I would like to know can your magazine please put me on your mailing list so I can obtain your knowledgeable magazine so it can be passed around this unit – so our young brothers can wake up and see who the real enemy is! So they can learn and know the beautiful history our people came from and that our strong culture as blacks and latinos is what gives us the strength and that willing spirit despite our struggles, trials or tribulations to continue to fight and stand up against this racist, oppressive and capitalist machine (Amerikan Government).

We must learn from our past history, the mistakes our fallen comrades made, so we won’t repeat them, and become our own demise. It’s about the people first. We will never leave where we are until we decide where we’d rather be. Our expectations set the boundaries for our lives my brothers and sisters. In a revolutionary mindset, we must know that the means by which we live have out-distanced the ends for which we live. Our scientific powers have outrun our revolutionary and consciousness power. We must continue to fight oppression and racism at all cost, because making a living is not the same as making a life.

In closing my revolutionary brothers and sisters, life is the greatest of all statements; so lets make sure ours speak volumes for the cause, of our people… because most people would rather look backward than forward because its easier to figure out where you’ve been, then to figure out where you’re going.

To my tribe and beautiful nation, the A.L.K.Q.N. is nation time! Five Alive. Allow the light of our crown to be the illuminating light that shines towards our path-like 41 000 suns. And the wisdom of our ancient ancestors the guiding Guide… whether in front or profile, together in one mind, body and soul we stand… KING LOVE.

In solidarity to all oppressed people,
peace in black & gold …
Miguel A. Martinez #BD 5038
State Correctional Institution at Smithfield
P.O. Box 999, 1120 Pike Street
Huntingdon, PA
16652 USA

Revolutionary Greetings:

I am writing this missive with two intentions in heart. First and foremost: I would like to express my sincere appreciation to the “4strugglemag” publication. I became aware of your publication while I was being warehoused in this State Supermax gulag. After receiving and devouring the first issue I received I became an avid reader and unofficial 4strugglemag advocate.

As a former lumpen, I believe that 4strugglemag is a vital tool in assisting the Revolutionary Conscious Prison Class to reshape, rehabilitate and de-program the brothas and sisters who are being held in this rapacious “Belly of the Beast” who will turn to booty magazines, unrealistically violent urban novels, and other irrelevant publications as a form of escapism. These things are nothing more than a diversion to keep Brothas and Sisters from focusing on the real issues facing our collective struggle. The Prison Industrial Complex encourages this type of numbing of the mind, and why wouldn’t they? It’s easier to deal with a prison full of zombies than to face a prison full of revolutionaries!

Also, it’s real good to be able to do my part in Our Struggle by helping to enlighten these Brothas by the dissemination of 4strugglemag, Monthly Review and other revolutionary publications. To take on the title and legacy of “Revolutionary” is to take on your shoulders the burdens of the world. “Heavy is the head that wears the Revolutionary Crown.” This is why they say that ignorance is bliss, because once you become conscious of Our Struggle and adopt that revolutionary title you also inherit obligations: obligation to yourself, to become a Weapon of Change; obligations to others, those who have come before you and have shed blood, theirs as well as others, in the name of Our Struggle; those who have died and will die in these gulags for choosing to resist oppression; and an obligation to carry on the legacy of Our Struggle, to advance it. And so, it’s our responsibility to strive without cesation while we’re behind these walls to awaken these zombies and to turn these prisons into universities and to force “This Belly of the Beast” to become “The Womb of the Revolutionary.” I believe that 4strugglemag is an essential weapon in this war behind enemy lines… It’s without doubt food 4 thought, and so Ashanti (thank you)…

In conclusion I would like to give a special thanks to those who have sacrificed so much to Our Struggle: (in no particular order but with deep reverence to all): Assata Shakur, Dr. Mutulu Shakur, Sundiata Acoli, Pro. Angela Davis, Geronimo Pratt, Mumia Abu Jamal, George Jackson (RIP), Mark Clark (RIP), Sister Akua NJeri, Bro. Cinque, Khatari (RIP), Fleeta Drungo, Native son Leonard Peltier, all of the Africas and the Move Organization, Comrade Russell Maroon, Ed Pointdexter, Mr. We Langa, Glose N. Lutala, Bro. Kevin Rashid, sister Lolita Lebron—Viva Puerto Rico Libre! (RIP), Jalil Muntaqim, Mrs. Safiya Bukhari (RIP), Nuh Washington, Our Sister Marilyn Buck (RIP), and the many many more Brothas and Sisters who gave their all and dared to Struggle, from the BPP and BLA to the Young Lords and the other respective reovlutionary movements.

Know that as long as one young revolutionary remembers, acknowledges, and respects your legacy then all of your sacrifices will never be in vain … Ashanti Na Heshima …

This is where I conclude, but in closing I would like to leave by saying this: a real revolutionary acknowledges his/her role in Our Struggle and understand that this is a protracted struggle and for the sake of this struggle sacrifices must be made. So therefore we must strive not just for self but for the Collective. If you don’t realize the importance of the Collective Struggle, then you haven’t adopted the true title of The Revolutionary, you’re just usurped.

Shindano Jendelea ! (The Struggle Continues)

Your Brotha: (Jova El Mansa Pambano)

Government Name: Joeval Mansa Jones #294919
Plantation: Waupun Correctional Inst (WCI)
P.O. Box 351 Waupun, WI
53963 USA

Dear 4Strugglemag,

Today I was introduced to your thought-provoking publication; for the first time ever even hearing about a collective work focused in a comprehensive manner toward a higher sense of awareness for the imprisoned. To fight against tyrannical imperialism through the spreading of knowledge and insight is vital, offering a viewpoint that opposes the government controlled media’s self-serving bias against those who refuse to conform to its agenda.

While I am not a political prisoner per se, I have been a witness and a victim of “The System,” both in the facade of due process in Court and under the seemingly magnanimous punishments of Florida’s Department of Corrections staff, where any complaints of abuse are reviewed by the offending staff member(s) brethren to no avail. After eleven years of this, I know all too well the plight suffered by prisoners alike in hell-holes nationwide. Reading issues 16 and 17 gave me a new sense of unity and of being understood in the struggle for authentic justice so readily denied by the powers currently in place.

It is my wish to contribute to the strengthening of the network of voices being raised for the sake of true humanity. We must be heard! We must share our views; encourage our fellow warriors of all races and genders! We must overcome our own divisions that were embedded into our vulnerable childhood minds to keep us from writing as one! When we become one people, one voice, one force centered on one goal – freedom – then, we shall know glory, but only then.

As we struggle together, I welcome all who are of a like mind, yearning for a better way of life, enduring the hardships of today for hopes of a better tomorrow and willing to continually push onward, for you are my friends, my family and joint-heirs of the victory on the horizon. Please feel free to contact me at any time.

Whereever you may be, whereever you’ve been, whereever you may be going, never surrender. Never give up. Triumphant are those who refuse to be crushed or broken.

Respectfully Submitted,
Jeffrey Hatcher #125540
Wakulla CZ Annex
110 Melaleuca Drive
Crawfordville, FL
USA 32327

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