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Destruction of Culture

July 25, 2011


The May 2011 issue of XXL, a magazine that reports on the music industry, such as Rap/Hip Hop/R&B, featured rapper/comrade Lupe Fiasco who explains his issues with his record label.

Atlantic Records, an imperialist/capitalist organization, wants the rapper to change his political and revolutionary style. They say that they want to see growth from Lupe, when his fans love him the way he is. They want Lupe to make more R&B and pop songs, which he stated he does not know how to make.

This imperialist/capitalist organization understands that music is part of the oppressed nation. Culture and its history is based on revolutionary principles. They know the impact music has on the oppressed nation and how wide a message can get spread to the youth, which they do not want, to awaken the consciousness in the people.

Lupe stated, “we live in a heartless society, I like being the rebel. In this society being the rebel is being the guy who gives a fuck.” He is right. Look at the Black Panther Party and what they did for the community. But, the imperialists/capitalists view them as a threat because they are willing to make the people aware and conscious.

Lupe spoke about rappers like Rick Rass, who are misguiding our youth, praising selling drugs, money, cars and clothes. What the rapper does not tell the youths is that you may go to jail and never get out. Before they rap to make our youth more aware of themselves and what is going on around them they send false messages.

Lupe knows how the youth think and knows what they need: “that’s consciousness.” Lupe grew up with a father that was a gun dealer and his friends are or were in the streets living the life these so-called rappers praise.

We are seeing how the imperialists/capitalists are destroying our culture in music. They want our people to remain deluded by using rappers and singers to create an illusion that selling drugs to the oppressed people is cool, women selling themselves is cool, all the wrong messages.

When we have rappers like Lupe Fiasco we have to embrace them and help them fight for creativity, to keep their revolutionary principles in their work. We also have to have our own record companies, so we can put out our own revolutionary work.

In Unity and Struggle,

Kevin “Supreme” Young, D.O.C # JC-6555
S.C.I. Albion
10745, Route 18
Albion, PA
16475-0002 USA

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