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Blood of a slave, strength of a panther

July 25, 2011


Shackled, chained and placed in “captivity” in a 10 by 4 setting (cage) that’s made
of nothing more than cold steel and layers upon layers of cement, my oppressors have
stripped me completely naked of my freedoms, and placing me on a congested bus
with similar images as myself as human cattle only to be first counted and shipped
hundreds of miles away in the distance from both my kin and natural habitat as I know it.

…Blood of a slave, strength of a panther…they (my oppressors) have disregarded and
forgotten about my good grace and humanity because they themselves are nothing more
than beasts!! Constantly being watched in hopes that I will break mentally and physically
as well as submit to their torturous mercies, their impatience goes unnoticed by the day
as their smiles begin to turn into evil grimaces with razor sharp teeth, and their eyes
suddenly turn into slits of a serpent. Determined I hold up and keeping my fear on firm
ground, I will not break!! I will not falter neither my dignity, integrity, nor my self-
worth…for I am strong in mind, and a warrior in heart, and warriors don’t cry!! Not only
that but I’m a man!! What kind of man you ask am I? One who was born with the blood
of a slave, and the strength of a panther!

Barry Crumbley # GP1523
SCI Smithfield
P.O. Box 999, 1120 Pike Street
Huntingdon, PA 16652 USA

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