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Black Guard (UNI 2)

July 25, 2011


My despair is not black,
my mourning clothes are not black
my devil’s food cake is not chocolate.
Neither my angel, vanilla.
My kAos is not confounded with confusion.
It is a Black light,
a night lite,
a blueblack print of the UNI-verse
from which came the universe.
There are no black sheep,
little white lies
or blacklists!
Although blackmail doesn’t exist,
when these Black men Black out,
a Black rage turns day to night.
Which is why, my black is not
always beautiful.
Sometimes it gets sticky and swamp thick!
Yet it’s still
purple plums and blackberry kool-aid sweet.
Infinitely as beckoning as stars in
Midnight’s eyes and just as misunderstood as
tightly clenched raised fists, yet
as reliable as New Afrikan hands
outstretched to assist.

A. Castlin J99402
P.O. Box 7500
Crescent City CA
95532 USA

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