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Black August 2011: Editor’s Introduction

July 25, 2011

Black August is a celebration of Freedom Fighters, an affirmation and renewed commitment to the struggle, on every level, of New African – Black Liberation. It is a time to understand, remember and FIGHT for freedom, justice and self-determination for Black people and the New African – Black nation within the imperialist U.S. state.

Black August (BA) originated in the California prison system in the 1970s. Many significant events in the New African Nation’s struggle for justice and liberation have occurred in August. The commemoration of Black August salutes, in particular, the sacrifices and advances of Black Freedom Fighters.

This year 4sm respectfully dedicates its BA tribute to the outstanding Black leader and freedom fighter, geronimo ji-jaga (Pratt), who sadly passed on June 2 in Tanzania. We include some information and tributes to geronimo in the BA section of this issue.

Following are several pages of authentic information on BA, put together by Doc Holiday, an original comrade of George Jackson and a long time figure in the Black liberation and prison struggle.

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