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Certain Days Stands in Solidarity with Nate Buckley

April 20, 2011

The Certain Days Freedom for Political Prisoners calendar collective was appalled to hear about the brutalizing and arrest of Nate Buckley at the April 8th, 2011 anti-war demonstration in Buffalo, NY. Nate’s long standing commitment to social justice has included solidarity with political prisoners, as well as anti-war organizing, among other issues. He should be commended, not targeted, for his organizing. We stand in solidarity with Nate, and the Buffalo activist community, in fighting this injustice and demand that all charges against Nate, as well as the two other demonstrators who were arrested, be dropped immediately. -The Certain Days collective, Montreal & Toronto, Canada

For more information:

Art Voice: Peace Marcher Beaten and Maced by NFTA Police
The Buffalo News: Once again, NFTA police cross the line – Donn Esmonde
The Buffalo News: Transit cop who used spray had July dispute over force
Youtube: Nate Buckley Defines Terrorism & Gives the Best Example(April 15, 2011)
Youtube: Buffalo Protester Maced by NFTA Police

Check out the ‘Support Nate Buckley‘ Facebook group
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