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We All We Got…

March 2, 2011


Black history is American history, but this is something not taught in our educational system or the Black community. Why? Because we as a people must be self-taught when it comes to this delicate matter.  Black history is something we should honour, not only for the month of February, but forever. Not to take away from the great accomplishments of the pioneer, Dr. Carter G. Woodson. For those who are not familiar with this brother, he was known as the father of Black history. In 1926, he began Negro History Week and founded the first annual Black history celebration in February, which later expanded to Black History Month, which is also the month I was born into physical existence.

My beloved Black brothers and sisters, we must know where we come from to get where we are going. The mind is like a basket; you get back what has been placed inside. Knowledge comes from pain, hunger and discipline of the mind and body. What the mind can achieve because success is guaranteed to those who put forth an effort. Knowledge is power as words become a life jacket to those drowning in a sea of foolishness. I realize my purpose, which coincides with the divine path our creator has manifested. But does society know their place in the physical world? Our purpose is to uplift the people, teach the people, love the people and be that guiding light bringing them out of mental and spiritual darkness, so with that reason alone I beam with pride. We are the beautiful kings and queens of a heritage and culture that is priceless.

My beloved brothers and sisters we have come a long way from Amistad, but we still must travel through the sands of ancient Kamit (Egypt) to get to the pure water of profound knowledge and divine wisdom and spiritual understanding. I’m very proud of Barack Obama for becoming the first Afrikan American President, which took hundreds of years of Black people’s pain, suffering and bloodshed. Now we as a community and society must do our part in educating ourselves, women and children, as well as cultivate our younger generation, because they are our future. I’m very confident in my people, so please do not be ashamed of your precious skin tone. Cherish and honour your Black beauty and own your individuality. We went from a minority to a majority. Learn from the past, live for today and plan for the future.

Power to not only Black people, but power to all people fighting oppression…because we all we got!!

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