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True Lies

March 2, 2011


They call it disobeying authority
I declare it being a man of integrity
They call it cold blood murder to kill my fellow man
Then declare it just to kill me 2 make me understand
They call them illegal aliens and immigrants
then celebrate when they invaded this land and conquered it.
Police shoot me they call it split second judgement in attempt of self-defence
I shoot they declare assault with deadly with murderous intent
They say earn ya money by working hard on your job
then declare it “paying taxes” when they come and rob
I ride kill and steal for them I’m an honorable soldier of the army
I ride kill my enemies I’m a criminal and menace to society.
I call it subjecting us to legal slavery and oppression
They declare it to be a department of correction
They say go home get a job and be a law abiding citizen
Then deny employment cause of convictions that stick with you long as you live.
They call it home of the brave, land of the free,
statistics declare it has highest rate of captivity

Thomas Bennett
633 Old Landfill Rd.
Alexander CI
Taylorsville NC
28681 USA

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