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To the Afrikan Intercommunalist Youth —To Their Fathers— We Will Now Criticize the Unjust with the Weapon!

March 2, 2011


All Power to the People!

Revolutionary Greetings! Due to the Black revolutionary consciousness that is surging around the country, the Black Riders Liberation Party has organized a powerful nationwide prison chapter. New recruits from all over the country are setting up branches for the prison chapter in the spirit of George Jackson and his brother/alter-ego Jonathan Jackson.

Each branch is organized by state. We have received numerous requests from people on the streets around the country to set up chapters, especially on the East Coast. Also, the Northern California chapter of the Black Riders was officially opened during the struggle to seek justice for Oscar Grant with a Feed the People program amongst the rebellious masses in Oakland. We openly admit that the requirements to be a member of Black Riders requires strict discipline but we encourage others to take up the banner of freedom and bang on the system with a strong, structured revolutionary organization. There must be no other course but to fight it out. Every political and military position must be held to the last Black man and Black woman. There must be no retreat and no surrender. With our backs to the wall and believing in the justice of our cause each one of us must fight on to the end.

We call on all Black people who still believe in freedom to join us or support us with their minds, bodies, and souls. There is a great war to be won and we will win it together. The Black man and Black woman, once properly politically educated, culturally inspired, and physically trained is the greatest human fighting machine the world has ever known!

Rules of Discipline: Guidelines of Discipline for Every Comrade in the Black Riders Liberation Party

Discipline is very necessary, if our objective is to be achieved. If revolutionary Afrikan Inter-communalists followed and adhered to strict self discipline, rules would not be necessary. So to safeguard and advance rev olutionary Afrikan Intercommunalism, each comrade is responsible to him/her self and the global liberation front for maintaining and following the rules of discipline.

  1. Each comrade is a potential leader and must at all times work toward obtaining those qualities that will make him/her the best and most efficient leader, learning when, where and how to take the initiative.
  2. Each comrade must develop and maintain consistent study habits of the local/global political and socio-economic environment (any and all publications available: books, newspapers, and magazines that will help to give social consciousness), and all materials dealing with the science of struggle and the enemy.
  3. Each comrade must be selfless; sharing and providing assistance to comrades with basic necessities and outside contacts if at all possible. Commendation and recognition is to be given for selfless acts. Taking undue advantage of comrades or Black people must be disciplined.
  4. Physical fitness is a must. Each comrade must maintain an exercise program. Group practice is desirable and if possible, should be systematic and punctual for cohesive effect.
  5. Each comrade is to refrain from psychologically abusive and egotistical behavior; such as unnecessary loud talking, bragging and etc.
  6. No comrade is to fear constructive criticism. Constructive criticism is a critical view or remark(s) backed by evaluation, knowledge, investigation, propriety, and concern.
  7. Among comrades there shall be no egoism, vanity, intemperance, or intolerance. We understand that there are people with different religious views, but comrades who practice Afrikan Inter-communalism will always seek to persuade others to the correctness of the Black Riders Liberation Party.
  8. Each comrade will diligently struggle to attain the goals, objectives, and general policies to their fullest capacities. They will always be mindful of the quality and quantity of their service, dedication and determination, and to always be willing to do what is required to bring an end to injustice, racism, police terrorism, Black on Black violent crime and global oppression.
  9. Any comrade in violation of the rules must be disciplined according to the violation, and no punishment is to exceed the offense.
  10. Each comrade must make an effort to teach non-members of the party suffering from lack of confidence and/or fear of the capitalist oppressor to over-come these obstacles. Educate to liberate is the motto for this purpose. To lead through the success of one’s practice, leadership must be decisive; without sacrifice or participation in revolutionary activity, there is no leadership.
  11. Every comrade with former “hood” or “tribal” connections should work day and night to be a positive revolutionary example to his or her homies. A comrade with street organizational ties should strive to educate their homies to the truth that it is real respect to be gained by riding on the real racist enemy instead of fighting other Black people. If possible, this comrade should work on creating a cease fire between warring street formations involved in Black on Black violence. This comrade must be extremely politically educated and militant in order to facilitate improvised ways to accomplish this important job without backsliding into Black on Black violent crime and reactionary suicide.
  12. Each cadre leader may establish additional rules in their environment to enhance the harmony in their area, keeping in mind the nature of human behavior, such as maintaining respect of female comrades, and the personal relationship between comrades. All additional rules must be reported and approved by the Central Committee of the Black Riders Liberation Party.
  13. All information is disseminated on a need to know basis.
  14. Under no condition will there be any fighting between comrades.
  15. All comrades will show respect to all Black people in word and actions.
  16. All comrades should attempt to be polite and courteous to all people, regardless of race, creed, color or sexual orientation.
  17. No comrade will place any material commodity above or before the Black Riders Liberation Party, the people, or the new Black liberation movement.
  18. No comrade will display or have an arrogant, disdainful, belittling or chauvinistic attitude.
  19. No comrade is permitted to use, produce, distribute, process, fund, or take part in the sale of heroin, cocaine (in any form), LSD, or PCP. Nor will they take any type of pill for the purpose of getting high (uppers or downers) and no comrade will distribute such pills or take part in the sale of such pills or other illegal drugs.
  20. No comrade will ever appear in public intoxicated or under the influence of alcohol, or any other illegal drug.
  21. No comrade shall lie about his/her position/rank to the people or another comrade.
  22. No comrade will reveal Black Rider secrets to anyone.
  23. No comrade will use the influence or reputation of Black Riders for his/her personal interest.
  24. All cadre leaders are to set up decolonization programs/or classes in political and physical education, first aid, karate (empty hand martial arts) weaponry, and other topics such as nutrition and horticulture, which will enable Black people to better survive, and to be able to contribute to the survival of the party.
  25. All comrades are expected to take part in the established decolonization programs and classes.
  26. All comrades will carry out orders given to them by their cadre leader or staff member .
  27. All comrades are potential leaders and are expected to take the initiative and develop themselves to the utmost, so as to be capable of taking the initiative and providing leadership whenever it is needed.
  28. All comrades will read the Black Riders Liberation Party’s manual, and put to memory the rules of discipline, code of conduct, ways to combat liberalism, and points of attention as part of their everyday lives.
  29. When a cadre leader is not available, comrades will vote and appoint one, on the merit of knowledge, experience, dedication, and courage. All newly elected cadre leaders must report and be approved by the Central Committee of the Black Riders Liberation Party.
  30. All cadre leaders are to make available an avenue through which members can air grievances. There must exist a conscientious effort on the part of the cadre leader to resolve these grievances in a humane, patient, and sensitive manner.
  31. Cadre leaders are to send dispositions of all grievances to the Central Committee for review.
  32. All comrades who are imprisoned will report immediately upon release to a designated cadre leader or other instructed location.
  33. No comrade can join any other group outside of the new Black Liberation Army.
  34. Always remember that bulletproof Black on Black love and unity is our number one goal to create revolution in fascist AmeriKKKa!

“Settle your quarrels, come together, understand the reality of our situation, understand that fascism is already here, that people are already dying who could be saved, that generations more will die or live poor butchered half-lives if you fail to act. Do what must be done, discover your humanity and your love in revolution. Pass on the torch. Join us, give up your life for the people.”  —The Great General George Jackson


Black Riders Liberation Party
PO Box 8297
Los Angeles, CA
USA 90008


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