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On Political Prisoner Release Strategy

March 2, 2011


Efforts and steps are now being taken to seek clemency/amnesty for PPs by the Jericho Movement. Concerning this, I recently received a notice from Jericho’s National Secretary, wherein, it was expressed that Jericho was taking initiatives to prepare, perfect and to submit petitions on behalf of both Federal and State courts. However, in my reply letter to him I had expressed my position and view that the petitions should forego the courts and be sent and directed to the oval office of Obama’s presidency. This is because ever since Dhoruba’s appeal, eventual release and lawsuit victory, which involved Cointelpro and the u.s. governments’ direct involvement therewith, all the necessary documented proof/evidence that would underline the demand for clemency/amnesty is already a matter of Congressional record and, therefore, no new or further inquiry into the question is needed nor is it necessary. What remains, in light of former president Clinton granting clemency/amnesty to about 12 FALN members, is for president Obama to receive our petition for clemency/amnesty and for him to respond with a yes or no answer to our petition. Any presumption in thinking that there is a further need (or continued need) to petition the Courts or State governors, is not only vain and a waste of precious time, but it is not even strategically sound from a moral or political premise. Furthermore, I am very much aware of what it means to petition the president, as well as what it would mean were the president to say no to our petition. But who’s to say that the president will not say yes to our petition for clemency/amnesty?

My question to Jericho and all organizations for that matter is: “Have we become doubtful concerning the legitimacy (spiritually, morally, politically, socially, and historically) of our struggle? Have we become complacent in our separatist attitudes and organizational separatist agendas? And, are we fearful that an answer of no by the president to our petition would demand that our national movement take our struggle to a much higher level and phase of achieving liberation, namely perhaps, a level and phase that would demand the ultimate sacrifice?” Now how many of us is truly prepared and willing to embark upon this endeavor, the ultimate and inevitable test of will!?!

In analysis of what is said (or called into question above, is not a desire to engage our opponent militarily on a whim, or more importantly, reminding everyone is what should have been learned from the advice given by Sun Tzu (the Chinese General of 500 BC), namely, “The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy (opponent) without fighting.” In light of current conditions to which we face, how are we to adhere to this principle and achieve our objective goal (of winning the release of PPs) by petitioning the president, without the risk of being confronted with the choice of raising the stakes or outright dissolving as a credible movement were the president to deny the petition? How is political victory to be achieved in light of the questions being raised herein?

Politically, we are given an example (although in a limited sense) with respects to how the u.s. managed to politically defeat the former USSR back in the 1980s. Remember? FIRST, the u.s. had launched an unprecedented military arms race/build-up that was directed against the USSR, while knowing that, in turn, the USSR would be compelled (however much in vain) to take up the challenge accordingly with its own build-up. As history would later prove that then president Reagan knew, all the time, that the USSR would take up the challenge and risk exhausting its economic resources in the process; SECONDLY, he knew that with his “Strategic Defense Initiative” (SDI), he would trump anything that the USSR could ever hope to include in its military arsenal; THIRDLY, that defeat in the arms race/build-up translated into defeat militarily for the USSR; FOURTHLY, that this defeat had to be acknowledged “publicly” and then translated into a “political victory” (i.e. hence, “to the victor goes the spoils”) and this was achieved; FIFTHLY, with president Reagan’s historic victory declaration, namely: “Mr. Gorbachev (or Russia’s then President), tear down those walls!” (or tear down those infamous walls that symbolized the “Iron Curtain”). Such was the process of the u.s. subduing the USSR without fighting or using a bullet! Thus, we too can achieve victory if we analyze and study history and current conditions correctly, positively and universally. Hence the saying goes: “Dare to struggle, dare to win!”

I would like you to share this with others, hold discussions on what is being emphasized herein. And I am looking forward to receiving feedback from everyone who would like to make any comments on what is being offered herein, to wit, sincere advice toward self-determination and victory (Insha Allah).

Maliki Shakur Latine
Clinton Correctional Facility
P.O. Box 2000
Dannemora, NY
USA 12929

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