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Introduction to Issue 18

March 2, 2011

Hey, fellow activists, Freedom fighters, friends, readers. Welcome to issue 18 (early Spring 2011) of 4strugglemag. We remain a major voice of political prisoners in the U.S.

March 8 is International Women’s Day and 4sm stands in strong support of women and their struggles for justice, equality and a revolutionary future. We are proud to have Lynne Stewart on our cover, as an excellent example of a sister in the struggle. Lynne, 70 years old, a grandmother, a lawyer, a political prisoner, is a lifelong activist and fighter for justice, freedom, human rights and a new revolutionary future. Check out her article and the update on her situation.

We begin with a section on global struggle, with articles on Tunisia, Egypt, Bradley Manning—Julian Assange and WikiLeaks and more. In that section check out the article on the founding of the Brown Riders Liberation Party.

Our next section is on struggle in the U.S., with news and updates on many issues. We begin this with information on important bi-coastal anti-war rallies in April—everyone needs to check this out. We also have information from and on long held Native political prisoner Leonard Peltier. Then we have information on the Georgia state prisoners strike, the biggest prisoners strike in U.S. history, and many other issues.

The section on analysis and reviews includes an interesting interview with the rapper Testament. We also have information from and on the Jericho political prisoners movement. Bill Dunne has a major essay that continues 4sm ongoing discussion on nationalist and internationalist strategies for revolutionary struggle. People will want to check out Jared Ball’s review of the film, “Cointelpro 101.”

We are always interested in your thoughts and feedback, so take part in ongoing discussions and/or send us information or analysis on revolutionary questions and struggles. Everyone who can, should try to take part in the East and West coast April 9th anti-war rallies.

We’ll see you in issue 19, out in July, with a section on Black August (readers are welcomed and encouraged to send us some BA thoughts, your plans for activities, poems, etc.). We’ll also have news on the 2011 Running Down the Walls, which more prisoners and folks outside should think about joining this year (RDTW is usually held in Aug. or Sept.). I want to leave all of you with the Revolutionary Spirit of the Freedom Struggle rolling out of Tunisia, Egypt and on.

Jaan Laaman, editor
USP Tucson
P.O. Box 24550
Tucson, AZ
USA 85734

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