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March 2, 2011


i cried today for;
Romona and Lynne –
for Queen Mother, Adama, Afrika,
My own mother and Moore –
Yes i;
“The worst of the worst”
a validated, classified, terrorist
“threat to the safety and security”
(shit, the entire state!)
housed in the short corridor,
where even my words are
shackled, beaten bloody with
red stamps, black ink for hoods;
“Pelican Bay State Prison
D-1-Housing Unit.”
My frankensteinesque “i love yous”
turned into propaganda for the
prison industrial complex;
cried for the bonafide true,
stewart of justice and virtue.
For Noni and her fears,
the same ones which kept our
mother’s mother’s mother’s for over
3 hundred and 90 + years
clutching their breath,
torn between turning black babies
into emasculated puddles of
spineless fear, “Good boys and girls,”
who survive and live long lives
or allowing them to be
dead bodies
at 12, 13, 14.
Perhaps even
elders under hatches,
warriors all the same…
Yet, only memories and names.
i cried for all,
we’ve lost and all
the years –
Then wiped my eyes,
bared my fangs
breathed a smoke ring
and promised

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