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Jalil Muntaqim transferred to Attica

February 15, 2011

Attached, please find a statement from political prisoner Jalil Muntaqim regarding his recent and abrupt transfer from Auburn Correctional Facility to Attica Correctional Facility on January 10, 2011. He is asking for community support, both against this retaliatory transfer and against the widespread racist treatment of NYS prisoners. He states:


“This morning as I was preparing to go to the marshal, 3 officers and a sergeant came to the cell informing me I was going on a medical trip. I put on all my state-issued green clothing, was chained, shackled, and handcuffed, and was escorted to the van. We then went to Utica Christian Medical Center, where they performed ultrasound tests on my kidney, liver, and heart. Nothing remarkable was found. Around 1:15pm we left to head back, but when we passed the exit heading to Auburn, I asked where were they taking me? I was then told Attica! I had none of my property!!! When I arrived to Attica, the sergeant informed me that he was told by Attica administrators to put me in a segregation cell. I doubt they will keep me in this cell for long, especially after we get on their cases about the entire situation.

Now this is the deal; obviously this transfer is in retaliation for my filing the Article 78 legal petition against Officer Johnston for writing a disciplinary report full of lies. Also, because Auburn prison officials sought to prevent my legal documents from reaching the courts and I filed a grievance proving they were tampering with my mail.

It is alleged and believed that the transfer here is in retaliation for me exercising my constitutional rights to petition the court.

Therefore, I am calling for all friends and supporters to call Brian Fischer, Commissioner of NYS DOCS, and urge him to have me transferred back to Auburn. Then, we will be moving to demand the NYS Attorney General and Eric Holder, US Attorney General, to make an official investigation into racist brutality of prisoners, and sexual harassment/frisking of prisoners by correctional guards with the full knowledge and acquiescence of his administration.

I am asking friends and supporters to call often and be consistent in challenging NYS treatment of me and all NYS political prisoners!”

Since this was written, Jalil has been released from the segregation unit into the general population. The majority of his property was lost, including his typewriter, winter boots, coat, and sweaters.  He was admitted less than half of his personal and legal materials.

CALL AND SUPPORT! Demand immediate return to Auburn, and access to personal property!

Brian Fischer, Commissioner of NYS DOCS

(518) 457-8126

Mark L. Bradt, Superintendant of Attica Correctional Facility

(585) 591-2000

Jalil can be reached at:

Mr. Anthony Bottom 77A-4283
Attica Correctional Facility, PO Box 149
Attica NY 14011-0149

For more information about Jalil, go to

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