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Update on Avelino Claudio Gonzales

November 24, 2010

The Friends and Family Committee of Avelino Claudio Gonzales is relieved to Know and happy to share the fact that our Political Prisoner has finally been taken to a U.S. Federal medical Facility. His son Juan Antonio informed us of this fact late yesterday evening. For almost two months Avelino has been in transit from Connecticut to where he is expected to serve the remainder of his seven year sentence.

While in Federal custody Avelino was diagnosed with Parkinson’s decease. At the time of his sentencing in late May, the Federal Judge recommended that he be transferred to a Federal correctional Medical Facility either in Texas or Florida in order to have his medical needs met while in prison. It must be noted that Judges can make recommendations to the Federal Prison System but cannot dictate

Avelino was placed in transit to a Federal medical detention center in Texas. The Federal Bureau of Prisons sent Avelino to the Brooklyn Detention Center instead. Neither the family nor his attorneys were notified. The family became aware by tracking Avelino via the Internet.

As a prisoner in transit, Avelino was placed in Solitary Confinement, at the Brooklyn Metropolitan Detention Center. Under these circumstances Avelino was isolated from the general population, has no right to visits by anyone but attorneys and the right to only one phone call a month. Once in the Brooklyn Metropolitan Detention Center Avelino was denied the medication medically prescribed for Parkinson’s.

We want to thank N.Y.C. Attorney Michael Warren who made himself immediately available to take the necessary steps to have the situation corrected. He visited Avelino at the Brooklyn Metropolitan Detention Center and confirmed his circumstances. We want to thank ProLibertad We want to thank Espie Martel, Melisa Montero, Diana Crowder who all worked with members of the National Congress for Puerto Rican Rights (NCPRR) NYC Chapter. Congresswoman Nydia Velasquez and the Chief of staff of Congressman Jose Serrano were contacted about Avelino’s situation. Velasquez office working with Michael Warren and phone calls from Serrano’s office made possible that Avelino be provided with his medication.

In recent days Avelino was first moved to a detention center in Oklahoma and now he is finally at a medical facility. We must remain vigilant to insure that he receives all the medical care needed.

Lastly, lets continue to work diligently to Free Avelino Claudio Gonzales, Oscar Lopez and all Political Prisoners

The new mailing address of our Puerto Rican Political Prisoner is:
Avelino González-Claudio
FCI Bastrop
PO Box 1010
Bastrop, TX 78602

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