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October 26, 2010



As the blackness of racism unfolds
The whiteness of oppression beholds:
A grayness; for regression I’m told…

…They are which deceives the poor
feeds them poison to kill off more.
Uprising hatred dismantles our core –

Our core principles long forgotten plus
loyalty, honesty, sincerity and trust.
Amongst ourselves we fight in ignorance and gust!

We let them beat us blindly and know
Our education truly needs to grow.
So, let’s practice subjugation to show

That when subservient policy’s in place
Political leaders care not its disgrace;
We’ll not abide by capitalism, we’ll not abide to save face!

For they are a frailty whom I call, “Faust!”
He who neighbors his enemy/master’s house
Hidden quietly as the typical “church mouse.”

It is like foreign government policy change…
Development in Amerikas doesn’t bring…
Well, it doesn’t bring anything!

Except adversity to those who want to achieve –
achieve freedom from oppression and believe –
Believe there’s still something left to achieve!

Between you and me, the bi-racial minority
Taking a stand against our forced inferiority
We can fight, fight as one people in conformity!

And be one unit standing long we stand
Answering to never one simple man,
And taking not his opprobrious demands!

(You’re intelligent) so separate the science of mind
from their alliance of fascist kind
And leave no – leave no minority behind.
A unity as pure as, “semper fi!”
Brothers and sisters alike… you and I
Can make such a change, if only we’ll try…

… Come together, move together… “UNIFY!”

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