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Truth to Power: Guerilla Projection on FBI Headquarters in Washington DC

October 26, 2010

October 2 2010 – Washington D.C. – Glass Bead Collective in conjunction with Indymedia Minneapolis, Indymedia Pittsburgh and DARTT executed a direct action projection on the J Edgar Hoover Building/FBI Headquarters.

“We are shining a bright light on the F.B.I. and its unlawful COINTELPRO style nationwide attack on the antiwar movement,” said Vlad Teichberg of the Glassbead Collective. He continued “The latest Grand Juries in Chicago and New York have targeted the homes and families of solidarity activists. These latest attacks are effectively criminalizing the support of global social movements and is a blatant attempt to take away the freedom of association from American citizens.”

“These F.B.I. raids are a recent reminder of the constant attacks our communities face every day,” said Teichberg. He continued, “we wanted to bring truth to power by projecting images of the victims of F.B.I. attacks.”

These recent raids only emphasize the importance of organizing for equal justice for all: people, animals, and the earth.  This action was in honor and solidarity with political prisoners around the world.

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