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Mother Borinquen

October 26, 2010



This is dedicated to Lolita Lebrón, a fearless warrior and supporter of our own independence.  My condolences and sympathy for her family and loved ones.

Mother Borinquen
To Millions You’ve given birth,
equally loving them all.

You’ve taken care of all of your children,
never abandoning one.

You’ve even adopted others, to love
as your very own.

You’ve fed the hungry, gave to the needy,
sheltered the homeless, and clothed the poor.

Your daughters are a reflection of you, you know,
Always so willing to give.

Yet, many of them are abused and disrespected
by those who have no shame!
“Oh Borinquen my beautiful Mother”
Why must you suffer so much pain.

Have you not been raped
enough by the pirate bastards of the past,
who you welcomed with open arms,
and your heart of peace was stabbed.

Borinquen, My beautiful Mother,
why do you carry the burdens of others…

I know You’ve taught me always to be humble and kind,
and to never wrong another –
and not once have I disobeyed you.

But I am your son, and like any other,
for his mother, I am too willing to die…

Oh! My beautiful Mother – Borinquen,
how long must I stand by?

Or have you forgotten Mother Borinquen,
that you are the mother of millions of
Warriors ‘Brave Lords’, who are ready to
march at your command and raise
above the battle of Armageddon to keep you from harm.

Will you call upon me?
Will you call upon me – Mother Borinquen,
when the time comes?

For I am your native son,
the one who for years you protected
and craddled in your arms,
and now I wish to do the same for you.

I love you with an undying passion!
And what ever waters I may cross,
I promise to carry you in my heart
and to teach your children, my brothers
and sisters, about Borinquen.
My Beautiful Mother’s name.

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