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October 26, 2010

Greetings comrades, brothers and sisters of the struggle of our oppressive nature that we’ve been subjected to in this capitalist country of amerikkka. I am presently incarcerated in this prison complex in Missouri (also known as Misery) at Licking (also Lynching) in isolation. I have come into the knowledge of 4struggle by one of my brothers, who’s also confined in isolation. But the brother has shared with me his insight and 4strugglemag to better help with my comprehension and ways to overcome oppression for all that suffer under the hands of capitalism. I just would like to extend my appreciation to 4strugglemag and all the comrades who help deliver knowledge and divine wisdom to brothers and sisters all over the world. This is really extraordinary work that is put together issue after issue. But I would love to become a member of 4struggle and start receiving the knowledge that is put into every issue.

Mr. Antwon Williams Sr.

Dear 4strugglemag

Revolutionary greetings,

I am a Texas souljah, still in the struggle and I send you this letter to again thank you for 4strugglemag, which I continue to receive. I also speak on behalf of all other bros on my unit who I signed up a year ago to receive 4strugglemags. They really enjoy the articles, knowledge, and history it provides. I have been encouraging all prisoners to fight the good fight against oppression, in promoting positive mentorship by my own example. We must all educate to liberate; each one must teach one if we ever want to see progress. I continue to reach out to our lost bros on my unit in various ways so that I can see them grow and mature into authentic manhood. Although I am constantly persecuted by oppressive prison officials, I continue on in the struggle to do my part. I’ve been subjected to med. custody for 2 years as a result of reprisals and deliberate indifference to my best interests and right to equal protection, in retaliation for my activism and my political beliefs. They want me to conform to their wicked system or suffer. I will never sell out or compromise the struggle for truth, justice and liberation of the people. Willie Lynch Syndrome gets no love or play in my world. Therefore I ask that all brothers and sisters of the struggle stay strong and keep ya’ head up. For all the bros out there, I recommend you read the following books:

Visions for (Black) Men by Na’im Akbar
Know Thyself by Na’im Akbar
Akbar Papers in African Psychology by Na’im Akbar
The Mis-education of the Negro by Charles G. Woodson
We are our own Liberators by Jalil Muntaqim
The Rebirth of African Civilization by Williams Chancellor
Making Great Decisions by T.D. Jakes
How to Eat to Live by Master Fard Muhammad
Are You Still a Slave by Ali Sharazad
Knowledge of Self, etc. by Supreme Understanding

Love, peace and solidarity to all bros and sistas of the struggle. Power to all people – no justice, no peace!

Oliver Eshman Lister II
CY unit 899 FM 632
Kenedy TX
USA 78119

Peace and Blessings, my beloved Brothers and Sisters.

I hope this missive finds you strong in faith. I also hope that circumstances will soon make it possible for us to meet. Let us hope that the dark clouds soon pass away, and the deep fog of misunderstanding be lifted from the fear-drenched minds of our fellow oppressed; and in some not too distant tomorrow, the radiant stars of brotherly and sisterly love will shine over our great minds with scintillating beauty. As for myself, despite the many obstacles I tend to encounter based on past engagements, I’m striving to prevail the test of time in the face of adversity; as well as excel beyond the masses of turmoil and stagnation.

Before going any further, I ask that my words below not be misconstrued; for what is mentioned is not for the faint of heart or timid. Without further ado, please grant me the honor of sharing myself with you, along with my thoughts on the ‘Misconception of One’s Identity’, ‘Liberty Versus Equality’:

I’m a young Black soldier; age 30 (D.O.B. 8.13.1979); born and raised in Brooklyn, NY; I enjoy reading, writing, studying law, partaking in meaningful conversations, working out, etc. I’m currently serving a 30 year prison sentence for acts that were admitted to by others who opted not to proceed to trial, with a promise of leniency, provided ONLY if I’m implicated. Therefore, through the power of corruption within the office of the Brooklyn District Attorney; its employees, A.D.A. Joseph Alexis and A.D.A. Bari Altberg presented false and inadmissible evidence of my trial. Serving to deny me a fair trial; which further served to taint the minds of the Jury rendering a verdict of guilty (robbery).

My beloved Brothers and Sisters; Piru (Powerful Individual Re-enforcing Unification) Umoja, which means Unity and is the first principle of Nquzo Saba. This, my Brothers and Sisters is in fact my name. Yet, it has continuously been misconstrued for purposes other than its appropriate use by prison officials, who have created numerous hurdles in my quest to ameliorate and possibly liberate the minds of individuals who are deemed prone to experience the harsh realities of prison. I’ve been plagued unjustly by the New York City Department of Correctional Services (Riker’s Island), as being a known gang leader, who allegedly orchestrated, ordered and participated in several assaults on uniformed staff (Correctional Officers) in order for others to be a part of a particular gang; namely the ‘Almighty’s’. I’ve been penalized on numerous occasions for my attempt to ameliorate as well as for stressing the importance of communication with individuals on the outside of these prison walls. My incoming and outgoing mail is monitored by the captain of ‘Gang Intelligence’ who shields himself under the euphemism of ‘Crisis Intervention Unit’ (CIU). As a result, there are times when my outgoing mail never reaches its destination, and there are times when I don’t receive my incoming mail from certain associates. I’ve been prevented from writing my sister (real sister), for reasons of alleged gang activity through my correspondence. Yet, none of my correspondence to the outside community has promoted gang violence, acts of oppression or anything of the sort that will render prison officials making me a focal point of their conspiracy to thwart my plan of productive growth, that will ultimately be conductive to our youth as a whole.

My beloved Brothers and Sisters, so many of our fellow oppressed have concluded that this government is within our best interest, but do not fully understand the purpose of this government’s existence. This oppressive and capitalistic government has created several branches of enforcement. Yet, the enforcers of these branches are too incompetent as employees of these branches. One branch I seek to expound on is ‘Crisis Intervention Unit’ (CIU), which is a euphemism for ‘gang intelligence unit’.

Brothers and Sisters; I respectfully ask that you all not be fooled by CIU, who not only exist in prison, but also on the streets. They are rampantly targeting many individuals for unnecessary causes. They’ve created a power that envelopes society as a whole, including our youth, our future. Unless I’m blind, it appears that only oppressed people (the poor of all ethnic backgrounds) are the victims of these incompetent enforcer’s atrocities that go ignored by the superiors within their field.

Many of us, including myself, have made decisions in the past that have ultimately affected our vision for the future. Please take notice; I’m no angel in the sense of the word. Some say I’m a ‘fool’; some say I’m a ‘gangsta’; some say I’m a ‘reformer’; while others may say I’m a young ‘anarchist’. To be honest with all those who seem to have many depictions of me; I want you all to know, I’m a young soldier within this struggle who has vowed to endure the pain, sweat and  tears in obtaining liberation along with my fellow oppressed Brothers and Sisters. Does this make me crazy? Does this make me suicidal?

Both questions are open for discussion. Free your mind and express yourselves honestly.

Many may not want to face reality, because the truth hurts. My main objective and end goal is to hurt you mentally and stand beside you as you hurt at the same time, watch you fall until you’re ready to lift your head with pride and stand with authority. We as oppressed people have succumbed to our conditions, thereby given up the strength to overcome the conditions of oppression. Brothers and Sisters, we’ve become lazy; and until we’re willing and ready to acknowledge our laziness, then and only then, can we, the oppressed people, be ready to overcome our current oppressive conditions, whether it be in prison, on the streets, in our homes, or at work. Oppression must be annihilated. I, Piru Umoja, # 06.A.1269, am demanding the urgency of the oppressed people’s immediate action, in changing the conditions to which we are subjected. We do this by abominating oppression we inflict on one another, by helping out elders when we see they are in need of some sort of help, by properly grooming and teaching our children, and by cleaning our homes and communities. Come on people, we’re not paying attention to details or else; what’s needed, which is mentioned above will not have to be mentioned. Once we’re able to acknowledge and act on what’s needed to end oppression, within the small part of our society, i.e. within self, home and our communities, then we move forward as a whole to abolish oppression on its forefront.

There have been many who have suffered, fought and even died in their quest to abolish oppression. Some will consider themselves abolitionists, while others may consider themselves martyrs. We as an oppressed people are deeply failing ourselves right before our own eyes and don’t even realize it. More importantly, we’re failing our youth, the future, who consider us their idols. Let’s wake up brothers and sisters. We have to pay attention to detail.

My beloved Brothers and Sisters, the prison system is alleged to have been designed to rehabilitate the convicted, yet the prison system has become a base for exploitation of the convicted. Yes, there are programs that may be deemed conductive to certain prisoners. Yet, not all prisoners are eligible to participate in such conductive programs, because of an alleged failure to meet a certain criteria set forth by the ‘Grand Wizard’. Prison is a society within a society that thrives tremendously from the injustices it inflicts upon so many Brothers and Sisters. Immediate steps are needed in order to purge such acts of oppression.

My beloved Brothers and Sisters, I’ve come to learn that ‘Action’, not the fruit of our action, is what’s important. Though we may not, in our time, observe the fruit of our action, that doesn’t mean we give up the strength to obtain our liberation. Even though our beloved Brother Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., is resting in peace, until his last breath, he continued to speak and urge all to unite, for the common cause of freedom, justice and equality, as well as  for food, clothing and shelter. He is currently smiling at how far we’ve come, at the same time he’s crying and frowning at how quickly we’re destroying each other, by destroying ourselves. Wake up people, because we’re not paying attention to detail. We may never know the results of our action, but if we do not act one thing is for sure: there will be no results. There’s a saying, “A closed mouth doesn’t get fed”. Well, I say, “An oppressed soul who accepts the conditions of oppression doesn’t seek to be liberated”. I want you, my beloved Brothers and Sisters, to know Martin Luther King Jr., once said, “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere”. Brothers and Sisters, this means, ‘whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly.’

My beloved Brothers and Sisters, liberation is not what we’re asking for; liberation is what we’re demanding. We shall have no fear about the outcome of struggle, even if it may come at a cost. We will one day overcome struggle, because our goal is to be uplifted and to be unified. I know through painful experience that freedom is never given voluntarily by the great oppressor: it must be demanded—by the oppressed. I want my beloved Brothers and Sisters to stand straight; turn to face the person next to you, head up, right hand interlocked with the person next to you and PROUDLY say, ‘freedom is a must.’

So many of our Great Leaders have returned to the essence, only to be omitted from today’s studies, which is part of why our children and some of our elders are mentally blind to their history, which has been repeating itself. Our history always seems to be hidden or kept away from us at all cost. Yet, we’re taught the history of others.

Through the years, I’ve been able to garner a mass of brothers and sisters who seek liberation. Yes, there’s endless obstacles placed before us; yet, we do not harbour acrimony towards those who seek our ultimate downfall, for their goal is to completely eradicate the next Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X, Fred Hampton, George Jackson, Jonathon Jackson, Marcus Garvey, Nat Turner, Sojourner Truth, Harriet Tubman, Rosa Parks, Ida B. Wells, Assata Shakur, Angela Davis, Kathleen Cleaver, Susan B. Anthony, Shirley Chisolm, Elaine Brown, Silvia Baraldini, Marilyn Buck, Lolita Lebrón and countless others. They are not forgotten and will forever be loved.

My beloved Brothers and Sisters, before I depart temporarily, I would like to share with you all a jewel for life’s experiences: A divided people is a conquered people; destroyed and nothing more than a shell of a people. Therefore, my beloved brothers and sisters, I hope my words weren’t expressed in vain and that they’re acknowledged accordingly, freedom is a must.

I would like to give a shout out to Brother Dr. Mutulu Shakur: you are a very strong Brother. “Better days are coming”. (These are the words of your son, Tupac Shakur, may he rest in peace).

My Brother Shaka Zulu; you may be many miles away from me. I still look forward to connecting thoughts with you. My Beloved sister Danielle Cox, out in Wilsonville, OZ. You have a very strong mind and I look forward to building with you. My Brother ‘Ira’ in Northern, CT. I love you. Mere words are an understatement. You will forever be within my heart. Those of you I have not mentioned, none of you are forgotten.

A soldier in the struggle.
Piru Umoja; DIN#06.A.1269
Southport Correctional Facility
P.O. Box 2000
Pine City, New York, 14871

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