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Fighting Strategy to Defeat G8/G20 Global Imperialist Kkkorporation

October 26, 2010


I have much love, respect and solidarity for the protestors, demonstrators and activists who mobilized and participated in street protest and corporate property destruction at the G8/G20 summit in June 2010 in Huntsville and Toronto. Their dedication, courage and sacrifice for the cause of freedom, justice and equality for all peoples, and resistance against racism, capitalism, fascism, imperialism in its many varied forms deserves honour, praise and support. However, I don’t think their strategy of resistance and protest is wise or effective from a progressive or revolutionary standpoint, and I believe the comrades who are being arrested, charged, convicted and imprisoned are too valuable (highly valued assets) to the anti-racist, anti-capitalist, anti-imperialist, justice and freedom movement to be used and lost/taken away from the movement in this way. It causes focus to be distracted from organizing for and advancing the main aims or cause of the movement, and to be spending way too much time, effort and resources defending, supporting and trying to free those arrested and political prisoner comrades once they are caught up in the enemy’s/establishment’s repressive security and criminal processes.

When the short and long-term benefits to the movement from such street protests and acts of corporate property destruction are weighed against the heavy loss or burden incurred in the form of lost human resources and skill and enormous legal defense costs, it becomes crystal clear that the movement must develop a better and more cost-effective fighting strategy. This fighting strategy should be one that gets the maximum benefit and effect from every contribution or sacrifice. There should be no arrests and no comrades becoming political prisoners except for progressive or revolutionary acts of resistance that significantly and decisively advance the movement, and thereby deliver crucial or devastating revolutionary blows to the G8/G20 global imperialist kkkorporation.

The question is how do we openly or covertly defeat or bring the kkkorupt G8/G20 nations, multinational corporations and banking institutions to their knees without being arrested, captured or killed by the enemy? We have enough political prisoners, prisoners of war and martyrs already! We don’t need anyone to add to these unless it is absolutely necessary and clearly worthwhile for some extraordinary or special reason.

The nations, multinational corporations and banking institutions represented by the G8/G20 kkklan are not really hurt or adversely affected by the street protests and acts of corporate property destruction. However, the resistance movement is severly wounded by the overwhelming police violence and state repression against our comrades.

We must target the G8/G20 global imperialist kkkorporation on a level and in a way that really and significantly hurts or weakens its basic functioning capacity. This can be done by setting up better alternative governments and institutions for the people on the national and global level, and by countering and discrediting their global and national kkkorporate agenda by advancing a better global and national people’s agenda.

We can and will defeat the G8/G20 kkklan on the global level only by setting up an alternative people’s world congress to compete against it and better meet the needs of the people and planet worldwide. When we do this, the people of the world will withdraw their support or disinvest from them, and the G8/G20 kkklan will wither away and die a natural death.

In the spirit of General George Jackson, free the land!

Editor’s Response: Danny’s article and thoughts on the best and most useful tactics to use in anti G8/G20 corporate globalism demos and struggles, has already engendered some debate. 4sm will print further responses and we encourage this discussion about strategy and tactics. As a long held political prisoner, who has gone through years of costly and energy consuming trials, etc., let me throw out some ideas and questions.

I share Danny’s love and solidarity with G8/G20 resisters, but I think it is important to look at the nature of the demonstrations and the different things people were arrested for. From what I’ve heard and read, some folks were arrested for street fighting – destroying some corporate property. Many others were rounded up, probably illegally in fact, just for marching and protesting. Others were preemptively arrested before (and after) the marches for being leaders, speakers, organizers. Basically the state attacked the anti G8/G20 resistors, and it was not primarily based on the fact that some corporate property was damaged.

It is a fact that the government will defend the corporate/capitalist elite. There are many ways activists and revolutionaries should oppose and confront corporate global rulers and their government allies. Danny’s ideas about creating alternative institutions and discrediting the corporate global and national agenda is valid. I’d like to hear more concrete ideas on alternative institution work.

Demonstrations, worldwide, every time and place the G8/G20, IMF, WTO, etc., get together to scheme and plot their agendas, is one clear way to discredit corporate globalism. Yes it entails risks, but it puts the issues and acts of the corporations on public display and educates and mobilizes some of the public. I think corporations and their government allies are in fact upset and disrupted by having to face demonstrations and public anger every time they meet. Let’s not forget Seattle in 1999. Their gatherings can be shut down and many can be enlightened and mobilized against them and their agenda. This is part of the process of making change.

Finally let’s look at how popular movements and struggles develop and grow. Individuals and organizations respond to and speak out against government/corporate abuses and power. At some point a consensus develops and a movement (of multiple organizations) comes into existence. This movement in turn enlightens and encourages more awareness and activism. As the struggle sharpens (including people getting arrested), some people and forces within the movement consider, advocate and take up more militant tactics and even more revolutionary strategy. These are just general thoughts, but the main idea is that active opposition and resistance – beginning with marches and rallies in the streets, is some of how people and movements grow and develop serious revolutionary alternatives and challenges to established elites, governments and the corporate global order.

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