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October 26, 2010

Issue 17 of 4strugglemag is dedicated to the memory, the noble lives, the spirit and struggles of two world class revolutionaries: Señora Lolita Lebrón and Ms. Marilyn Buck. Lolita passed on August 1, 2010 and Marilyn on August 3, 2010. Both these hermanas endured long years of captivity as political prisoners (33 years for Marilyn and 25 years for Lolita). One positive thing was that neither woman died in prison.


Everyone at, and associated with, 4sm was deeply saddened when the world heard this news in early August.  These women were our comrades, our friends, and yet so much more. Both Lolita and Marilyn were teachers and guides, leaders and spokespersons, thinkers and workers. And these women were freedom fighters — urban guerrillas!

They dared to dream of freedom and justice for colonies, for working women and men, for racial and gender equality, and for the end of hunger, suffering, injustice, for an end to imperialism. They dared to voice their dreams, hopes and visions for a revolutionary socialist future. They dared  to take direct forceful action — just revolutionary action — to make the dream real.

Marilyn and Lolita were like our favorite sisters, aunties, our best female friends, at their caring, compassionate concerned best. They were also fully determined, genuinely brave leaders and warriors, willing and able to step forward to end the terror of U.S. colonialism and imperialism.

The readers of 4sm are certainly not alone in mourning and missing these dear comrades. Millions of people around the world will send a thought or prayer and raise a fist of resistance to Marilyn and Lolita, nowhere more so than on Lolita’s beautiful island nation of Puerto Rico. For the last several decades Lolita Lebrón was seen and respected as the moral conscience and symbol of independence and justice for the people and nation of Puerto Rico.

Marilyn Buck was also deeply respected and admired by increasing numbers of activists and people for her life long work and contributions to the freedom struggle.

We will truly miss you sisters. The spaces you left cannot really be filled, but your words, work and deeds will help guide and inspire us forward. Speaking for myself and other political prisoners, we will continue the revolutionary and militant struggle that you, Lolita and Marilyn, upheld, and I hope many of you readers, inside and out join us too.

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