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ALKQN Commemoration to Lolita Lebrón

October 26, 2010


Beautiful Brown Woman de Nuestra

Independentista de Nuestra

On March 1st 1954, when you
And your three compañeros
Marched into the gallery of the U.S. Congress;
When 5 congressmen
Were struck by bullets,
You became immortalized…
Within the Coronet of our Nation.

In 1998 (where abuelo Fidel had the N.O.I.)
It was us,
The A.L.K.Q.N.,
Who stood by your side
Before the U.N.
And the world.

You will always be our Sister….

Upon the date of August 1st, 2010,
You will now forever be embodied
Within the colors
Of Black and Gold
(One of our “Antecesoras Antiguas,”
Guiding and keeping us strong
As we battle the forces
That seek to deny…)

Every time that we salute,
With our right fist upon our heart,
Exhibiting our willingness
To die for each other…
In the words of our Nation’s cry
of Amor de Rey y Amor de Reina…
Will echo the words
Of Lolita Lebrón:

Sangre de mi sangre,
Hija de mi madre….

“¡Viva Puerto Rico Libre!”

(May you rest in the peace and freedom you so fervently sought)

  1. Every year, the first week of March marks the anniversary of the Almighty Latin Kings and Queens Nation (A.L.K.Q.N.)
  2. The National Emblem of the A.L.K.Q.N. is a crown. The points of a five-pointed Coronet signify the five principles which every member of the A.L.K.Q.N. is to live by.
  3. The Sacred Colors of the A.L.K.Q.N., Black and Gold, represent, amongst other things, those who have given their lives fighting against colonialism and for the free political and cultural expression of all Third World (Black and Gold) People, and among the commonwealth of all individuals.

See: The Almighty Latin Kings and Queens Nation: Street Politics and the Transformation of a New York City Gang, by David Brotherton and Luis Barrios (pgs. 258, 34)

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