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July 23, 2010

Greetings 4strugglemag,

My name is Damego Lee, one of many prisoners that receive your magazine. I was writing to say what a nice improvement with this new hardcopy edition of the mag. To me, it says 4strugglemag is for real – it’s not a joke – and we take this seriously, passing the information we do to the world. The new cover is an eye catcher, with its colour and all. Regardless, I would still desire you and support you without the change, with all the knowledge you have enlightened me with. As a fellow brother told me, each one teach one, and I am truly thanking you for your teachings. Much love and respect to al who make 4strugglemag possible to all prisoners everywhere, free of charge. Any way I can help further the cause for 4strugglemag, say the word and it’s a done deal. Can’t wait until the next issue.

Until then, stay strong, stay real, and stay focused.

Power to the people. Yours truly,
Damego Lee

[Thanks, Damego! We’ve gotten lots of comments on our new colour covers and higher-quality printing – all courtesy of our friends at Denver ABCF, who have been doing an AMAZING job of printing and mailing 4strugglemag.]


Shu Ru Brothers and Sistas. I would like to thank you for the contribution you are making to the struggle and how you keep brothers and sistas updated on what’s going on within the freedom, justice and equality liberation movement against the oppressive and exploitative system. We still have a long way to go. It saddens me that most brothas and sistas become aware of the institutional racism we experience when we’re behind bars doing a lot of time. But it is what it is. It’s a goal to connect with the streets.

I came across your 4strugglemag through a brotha in the institution I’m in.

I do want to introduce brothas and sistas to the Politically Intelligent Revolutionary Unit I represent within the Black Blood Brotha and Sistahood. We’re Royal Descendant People who are Kings, Queens and Warriors. We trace our history of the struggle from Afrika to Amerikkka. We’re Black Leaders over our domain, who study our ancestors and leaders from Afrika throughout the Amerikkkas and Caribbean.

It’s our first day as New Afrikans to share our ancestors’ and leaders’ legacies. We share ideas, plans and strategies on how to network and organize against a common enemy. We know that some organization have different methods of operating. We don’t focus on what is going to divide us. We look to what’s going to unite us. A Common Unity which will make us a community forming alliances is important for sharing ressources and intel (intelligence/information). All strategies and tactics are needed in a freedom fighter war.

Brothas and sistas, we are at war. The Black Liberation Organization of Defense has moved past just talking. It’s organizing, networking and building programs that turn into institution’s time. Focus on goals.

Dedicated to Precious D. One. Power to the People.

Mr. Williams (486232) and Mr. Maddox (555753)
878 Cottsville Hubbard Rd.
Youngstown, OH
USA 44505

Dear 4strugglemag,

Greetings! First of all thanks for providing the encouraging, knowledgeable mag! I have gained knowledge as well as a more active endeavor toward us in governmental confinement and all in mental prison due to a lack of knowledge and vision. Issue 15 was the first issue I received personally, but have read a previous issue that drew me in and captivated my mind for hours.

Please note that I was in a situation where Correction Officers assaulted and used excessive force on me while I was subdued and in handcuffs. I received multiple injuries including broken tooth, busted lip, bloodied nose and multiple bruises. When sent to the hospital they did a CAT scan to search for internal injuries. I have used Prison D.O.P. Remedy Procedure to no avail, I wrote to ACLLI N.C. as well as N.C. Prison Legal Services, Director of Prisons N.C., and that county district attorney but either receive no reply or a deficient response. If there is any way you can send me contact info to organizations who take serious this type of situation or any type of legal “lay man” or lawyers please do so. There are medical records as well as video of the situation. Thanks for whatever you are able of.

I am sending you a piece I wrote about this prison I’m at. You can edit it and use it for a feature article if you find it suitable. You also have permission to print my letter. To all in any struggle our thoughts are a vital aspect of our being with tangible results. If we build our intellect, edify and affirm each other, there’s no limit to our capability. Stay strong!

I am an inmate housed at Alexander Correction Institution N.C. I am on segregation also known as a control status unit. Inmates on such units are confined to their cell 23 to 24 hours daily – some for 6 months, some for up to 18 months. Over time, a person becomes dissatisfied and frustrated by the mundane routine and the detachment one must endure in this unnatural environment. Therefore many inmates seek a positive effective outlet for our distress and suppressed anger, which reading and writing can help cure.

N.C. Division of Prison (D.O.P.) Policy and Procedures book chapter C Section 1200 Title: Condition of Confinement 1209 Personal Property States “(a) assigned inmates may have personal property including authorized religious material, books and magazines not exceeding two cubic feet.” In spite of this, Alexander C.I. has formulated a policy so inmates can retain only two books/or magazines (personal). Alexander C.I. classifies a dictionary as well as religious material (Bible, Koran, Prayer Book, etc) as a personal book. Consequently if you possess a religious book and dictionary it leaves no room for progressive or leisure reading materials of personal interest. This policy hinders enlightenment and development of ones intellect.

Inmates, Department of Corrections, as well as N.C. citizens are undermined by such hindrance. Prison is to be a form of rehab. Reforming and improving thoughts is a direct connection to successful rehabilitation. As it stands this policy neglects sociable production and deserves better regard to psychological provision of our confinement. We ask for intervention helping us mediate with this facility that we may obtain 4 to 7 personal books or magazines which will still meet N.C. D.O.P. Policy.

Thomas Bennett # 0777462
633 Old Landfill Rd.
Taylorsville, NC USA

Greetings family of 4strugglemag:

My respect is given to you. Paper costs money! Ink costs money! Copyright, trademark, publishing…costs money! Websites…that too costs money, money, money! And yet you all valiantly sacrifice that overvalued paper cloth to put out such a controversial periodical? Thank you! It takes people with humble, disciplined, and unselfish souls to literally combat with the militant, mightily structured Department of Corrections in the US of A. Honestly, after a fellow P.O.P. (Prisoner of Politricks) offered me your mag, without seeing it, I regarded it as more irrelevant mumble-tumble.

I’m a very thoughtful Hue-Man and if I waste any time of my short day, it is for something I feel is worth it to me. Whether reading, writing, or just relaxing…I decide what fills in the blanks. I have to admit that 4SM…I rather read it than write letters of my views to family. And family is a priority.

Anyway, I am an unheralded author of fiction and poetry. I am a heady speaking of society’s ails. I am also a sponge for political reform as it pertains to the minority Hue-Men. All in all, I’d really like to be a spect on 4SM’s nation-spanning enlightenment and share (as well as receive) love from the mind(s) and heart(s). This nation and its citizens are in peril beyond some people’s recognition. I refuse to be blind to the times.

If you would place me on your subscription log, I will one day or two, submit a great piece of work from my stored collection.

Before I close, I ask of two things. One: keep doing what you do, because although you (i.e. us prisoners) don’t collectively show interest in the issues raised in your mag, there will always be those who wish to focus on nothing but. And two: can you bring up issues in the future mags of focus of living abroad since the U.S. and its Tea-Partied drunks who over value their “hard-worked-for” paper cloth don’t seem to value our lifestyle or care for our livelihoods? I’d love to hear brotha + sista of mine speak on alternative answers than constantly attempting to revise the unchangeable. I mean, what would happen if…we could abandon US of A for…I am beginning to burn out on bias newspapers and mundane radio (NPR).

Respectfully & Sincerely Written,

Jeronimo GKA (governmentally know as)
Kevin N. Jones (0862259)
Bertie, C.I.
P.O. Box 129 Windsor, NC
27983 USA

I salute your courage for standing up for what is right!

As the days go by my date to go home draws near, after seven years of a long, hard struggle. I just finished reading the spring 2010 issue of 4strugglemag. I’m a student of the New Black Panther Party movement and an uprising Black revolutionary! So for me to be able to read the 4strugglemag was both a gift and blessing! I go home August 2nd 2010 and I would at least like to receive my own issue before I go. I understand 4strugglemag is only published 3 issues a year. Can you please send me a free prisoners subscription of the 4strugglemag. Any back issues would be appreciated as well.



Wow! I’m blown away by the entire movement. I’m in North Carolina dealing with issues spoken consistently by your mag. It gives me insight and know how to put into my own perspective to handle these ongoing occurrences. I’m 22, was a soldier in the army and a student at an HBCU in Raleigh, now doing 36-48 months for not being able to positively control my actions. Your mag gives this young brother of the same struggle hope. I’m inquiring on getting my own issue as soon as possible; I’ve read Issue #15 while in segregation. Your articles are powerful. Here in seg, I recite a motto, since words are powerful and can be spoken into existence: “This is not my destiny. My destiny is to be free; free my people! Uncuff the shackles that re-enslave us. Power to the people!!”

You really inspire me to greatness and teach the youth. I surround myself with the truth.

Peace and Blessings,

Open Letter to the Collective 4strugglemag

Greetings and anti-imperialist salutations! 4strugglemag is a jewel to the oppressed and millions enslaved in penal KKKolonies in the united snakkkes. I have some questions concerning history. For some examples:


Legally speaking between both the united snakkkes and Canada what is the history of radical lawyers fighting injustice individually or as a member of a group such as in the U.S. there is Chokwe Lumumba of the Republic of New Afrika, Tariq Warren and his wife also now imprisoned and Lynne Stewart, but what other people’s lawyers and/or groups between the U.S. and Canada have challenged the system of imperialism on behalf of the oppressed in courts?

Between the U.S. and Canada what anti-Imperialist groups or Anarchist collectives, Pan Afrikan Associations, Black Nationalist or New Afrikan movements have announced their support of foreign groups such as say Hamas when the U.S. and United Nations along with congress in amerikkka made joint resolutions against Hamas supporting Zionism and Imperialism?

Out of these 2 questions I know that political prisoner/prisoner of war Mumia Abu-Jamal from Pennsylvania death row has written about what he coined as Hypocrites on the Hill referring to U.S. policy to even torture its own protesters while denouncing the treatment of marchers in Iran.

However, as young revolutionaries in the U.S. there is much missing history politically to common grounds that may be elaborated on and bridge some gaps. Like explaining in the publication of 4strugglemag some relative connections between the two governments’ borders:

  1. What do the masses in the U.S. know about Canada? Things like size comparisons, population, and ethnicities.
  2. What is Canada’s historical relationship with the U.S. say since Abraham Lincoln or Christopher Columbus to date in the 21st century? For an idea the roles, if any, Canada played in the run away slaves underground railroad, the Niagara Falls movement, NAACP history, and John Brown and Fredrick Douglas travels there with other abolitionists of that era.
  3. Are there “Oppressed Peoples” there in Canada today in 2010? Maybe an elaboration of who they are – the distinct nations of people living there.
  4. Are their Latinos, Asians and other Native Indians and are there immigrants? Perhaps showing how many and circumstances that may or may not be similar to life in the U.S. under imperialism.
  5. What about prisoners? The numbers in general. The names of political prisoners and prisoners of war in Canada.
  6. The struggles over Canada on the streets and in prisons. Also the theories going into and coming out from the prison’s walls.

Such questions with answers could draw a common line with oppressed classes on both sides of the borders as to the relationship historically the oppressed have in common and the historical role of the Imperialist powers around the world.

In solidarity and struggle!
Sehu-Kessa Saa Tabansi
Alkla Alfonso Percy Pew # BT 7263
Maximum Security Restricted Housing Unit
Building Grange B2 Cell 23
Box A Belletonte , PA. 16823-0820

[Great questions! we’ll be working on an article about Canada’s radical, anti-colonial and anti-imperialist history and cross border connections for Issue 17. Stay tuned!]

Dear 4strugglemag,

First and foremost, I say my revolutionary greetings.

I have come to recognize I must join the revolution – the revolution of knowledge, the revolution of the mind, and the revolution to bring freedom to the enslaved and oppressed. My brother Solomon has helped me increase my interest in what I have come to realize. I want to broaden my revolutionary thoughts to do something for the people who are oppressed through the third world countries such as Africa, North America, Latin America and all who need our endurance and fortitude. Many men and women have sacrificed many things – even themselves – for liberation of all kinds such as free political thought and cultural expression. To do this, there must be a level of awareness that corruption and oppression is everywhere and to overcome it, one must have strong unity and stand strong against it. I just started getting into the revolutionary mindset, so I ask for resources of any kind – books, newspapers, and 4strugglemag.

I have a poem for motivation and the upliftment of all the Brothers and Sisters in the struggle.

The Warrior

Who am I? I am the warrior. I see
the world through the eyes of the lion.
I am the intellectual savage who
concurs the battlefield of the mind. I
declare war on myself. Everday I must
defeat the primitive Demon that lives
within me, in order for me to fully
understand the world that surrounds
me. I see the dangers that come
at me from all directions. I hear
the whispers of the warriors who have
come and gone. I take their wisdom
from the grave. I must stay strong.
I refuse to be oppressed! I am the
angel who was baptized in fire, the
flames will consume all that stands
for oppression, and burn always the pain
of the oppressed. My will is unbreakable.
I throw myself fully & completely into
the fight so that my sacrifice will
be an example for the warriors of the
future. I am king so that others may
be kings, for the world belongs to us.
We are the rulers of ourselves. My
cause is everlasting, for I the warrior am
spiritual. I live in the hearts of our
children I burn in the blood of men,
I fight for freedom! So ask again
who am I? I am you and you
are me!
the Warrior
I’ll close for now, striving for liberation of the mind and freedom from the oppressor.

In love, strength and sacrifice,
Landi Benitez
Florida State Prison

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