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July 23, 2010

Ms. Marilyn Buck

In the 1960’s and beyond, there was a popular chant/song used in demonstrations, often prior to confronting riot cops and other government forces. Marchers would sing it out, in one loud voice, and even in the face of tear gas and cop violence (much like the good people in Toronto recently faced, when they challenged the G8/G20 meeting in late June), the demonstrators spirits and energy would remain high. Any appropriate name could be inserted in the song/chant. For example: ‘We love Nelson Mandela – deep, deep, – said down, down – said deep down in our heart.” Or we could sing: “We love Assata Shakur – deep, deep- said down, down – said deep down in our heart.” Or:”We love the Freedom Struggle – deep, deep – said down, down – said deep down in our heart.

So right here and now, I want to say, “We love Marilyn Buck – deep, deep – said down, down – said deep down in our heart!”

It is truly with pleasure and conviction, and the kind of street rally solidarity and militant march energy, that I want to let you know that this issue of 4SM is dedicated to Marilyn Buck, a long held political prisoner sister.

Marilyn is a revolutionary, poet, activist, feminist, organizer, writer, fighter; an anti-imperialist and a true and dependable ally of oppressed people and their revolutionary national liberation struggles. Marilyn is a wonderful human being and even the decades of her harsh imprisonment has not changed that.

4SM doesn’t normally dedicate issues to one person, but dedicating this summer issue, which features Black August and the struggles germane to the Black – New African liberation struggle within the u.s., is especially fitting. Marilyn is a life long dependable ally of the Black liberation struggle and she is in captivity today for her direct support of the freedom struggle of Black people.

We, your comrades and friends, salute you and embrace you Marilyn. We urge readers, especially younger people, to look at and learn from the life, words, acts and spirit of this woman. Marilyn Buck — live like her.

With respect and revolutionary love
— Jaan Laaman, editor

Update from Soffiyah Elijah, Marilyn’s lawyer: Marilyn is coming home next month. Her release is certain. Many thanks to all her supporters who have joined her in morning meditations. No letters to the prison officials are needed or adviseable. Please continue to keep her in your prayers and meditations.

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