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How You Can Help Marie Mason

April 15, 2010

Marie’s requests for an adequate vegan diet are still being denied by the officials at FCI Waseca, despite the Federal Bureau of Prisons having a policy ensuring an adequate vegan diet for inmates.

In response, we’re asking people to write letters to the Director of the BOP as well as the regional director, asking them to get Waseca to follow the policy. The administration at Waseca seems to be more draconian in several ways than the BOP in general, so we’re hoping that pressure from higher-ups will cause them to fold.

Using the sample letter below as a guide, please write a letter to both the Regional Director and the Director of the BOP. The sample letter is also attached to this email if you’d like to print it out. Sample letters are also attached in PDF format.

Thanks for the continued solidarity as we keep struggling to ensure a decent quality of life for Marie.

The Marie Mason Support Crew

For the latest updates see

Regional Director Mike Nalley
North Central Regional Office
Federal Bureau of Prisons
400 State Ave, Suite 800
Kansas City, KS 66101

Director Harley G. Lappin
320 First St. N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20534

Dear Director Lappin,

I am writing this letter concerning Marie Mason, #04672-061, an inmate incarcerated at FCI Waseca. Marie has requested the prison provide her with adequate vegan meals to meet her health and dietary needs in accordance with Federal Bureau of Prisons policy. She has been repeatedly denied this request.

Marie has been committed to a vegan diet in accordance with her personal, moral and spiritual beliefs for many years. Marie is a Buddhist and considers her diet to be an essential part of her life and spirituality. While incarcerated at Waseca, Marie has remained committed to a vegan diet, but has been unable to receive proper nutrition. She has been
experiencing bouts of dizziness, nose bleeds, fatigue, and severe pain in her hands. All symptoms associated with an inadequate vegan diet.

I fear that unless the prison provides her with an adequate vegan diet, she will remain malnourished and her health may continue to suffer.

I urge you to contact the officials at FCI Waseca and encourage them to apply the Federal Bureau of Prisons policy that has been established for ten years now ensuring that vegans incarcerated in the federal system are provided with adequate nutrition that meets their personal and spiritual needs.

Thank you for your consideration in this matter.


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