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Urgent! Emergency Medical Support Needed for Tom Manning

March 2, 2010

Posted on January 24, 2010 by Denver ABCF

“On the medical situation, folks should demand that I be sent to Butner, NC, the Federal Medical Center for cancer treatment, monitoring, etc”. –Tom Manning

Jericho has also spoken with his attorney who has already called and sent a request to get Tom moved and suggested we do the same. Here is the information needed to both call and write the Cumberland warden as well as other officials at the federal bureau of prisons.

1. Ask for Warden- However I received a reply by phone (1/22) and was told every request for a transfer for Tom must be in writing either by Fax or e-mail. So if you can please e-mail or fax this request. Follow the info below if you want to put vocal pressure on the Warden.

2. Have Tom’s # ready “Thomas Manning 10373-016 recent transfer from USP Hazelton.

3. If you reach the warden or his/her sectretary explain that Tom has recently been transferred from Hazelton and had not received the medical care needed for the growth in his groin area, lump under his left nipple or the growth under his shoulder blade. His records have been reviewed by an out side doctor who urgently recommended a biopsy to check for cancer in these areas. Tom asked you to ask for an immediate transfer to the Federal Prison Hospital facility at Butner, NC to get the necessary medical procedures done.

4. If you get a recording please leave your name and phone # for them to accept our seriousness regarding Tom’s health.

5. If you fax either place a letter be sure to give your information as well as Tom’s full name & number.

6. Please send us any information you are given so that we can put pressure on the correct dept.

If you know or are a doctor or Miniter/Imam please fax a letter to both the warden and regional office using your letterhead and ask for a reply.

Thank you for your help.
Paulette ( & Anne (

Phone: 301-784-1000 ask for warden; Fax: 301-784-1008
E-mail address: cum/
Mid Atlantic Regional Office press #1 for inmate services & you will probably have to leave a message.

Federal Bureau of Prisons/ 302 Sentinel Drive/ Suite 200/ Annapolis Junction, MD 20701
E-mail: mxro/
Phone: 301-317-3100

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