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March 2, 2010


while religions and politics
always will fail
and god nor the devil
can grant you heaven or hell

you are lacking
in a surplus of confidence
dying a doomed death in reluctance
there is no self nor determination
to offer you up to sweet assurance
you must seek inside for endurance

when all your leaders
march leading to graves
and our prized saviors
are transformed into slaves
love reverses into an ugly death
and that menacing death is all that is left
for no god offered any other ordinance
than for men and women to strive & have endurance

so you reconsider that
all of the religions are lies
and that even the angels
and all of their gods
taste of death and dies
witnessing heaven and hell
as one in the same
like the right and the left brain
knowing to survive between both
had to have been the divine plan
while stripped of all but common sense
the wisest of all will gain endurance

Sehu Kessa Saa Tabansi
Alfonso Percy Pew #BT7263
P.O. Box A
Bellefonte, PA 16823 USA

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